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Nov 12
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11:40 - 11:50 10 mins
Main agenda
Chair’s Opening Remarks
  • Thecla Mbongue - Senior Research Analyst, Ovum
11:50 - 12:10 20 mins
Main agenda
MTN’s 5G vision
  • Giovanni Chiarelli - Chief Technology & Information Officer, MTN
  • MTN’s upcoming commercial launch details
  • Learnings from 5G customer trials
  • MTN’s FWA proposition
  • Where is the 5G opportunity for MTN; enterprise and consumer market ambitions
12:10 - 12:30 20 mins
Main agenda
5G is On, Bringing MBB to a New Horizon
  • Dong Zhang - Vice President 5G Marketing & Technical Sales Department, Huawei Technologies
  • Industry update and Huawei's vision on 5G
  • 5G opportunities in Africa
  • How to embrace 5G in Africa
  • Huawei 5G practice in Southern Africa
12:30 - 12:50 20 mins
Main agenda
Vodacom’s 5G journey
  • Giovanni Chiarelli - Chief Technology & Information Officer, MTN
  • Vodacom’s expected 5G commercia launch in South Africa
  • Learnings from a year of 5G service in Lesotho
  • Reviewing the 5G monetisation opportunities for Vodacom
12:50 - 13:10 20 mins
Main agenda
5G Core and network updates
  • Paul Berriman - Group CTO, PCCW-HKT
  • Standalone vs Non-standalone in Africa and timelines
  • The journey from RAN deployments towards the Core and Edge
  • NFV as the cornerstone of 5G
13:10 - 14:10 60 mins
Main agenda
Networking and refreshment break
14:10 - 14:30 20 mins
Main agenda
The role of 5G in the 4th industrial revolution (4IR)
  • South Africa government’s vision for the 4IR
  • Which are the major 4IR applications that 5G will enable?
  • What role should the operators and enterprise play in this?
14:30 - 14:50 20 mins
Main agenda
Assessing the relative economic use cases for FWA in Africa
  • John Naylon - CTO and founder, Cambridge Broadband Networks (CBNL)
  • The relative business cases for FWA compared to other access technologies for: - Wireline operators, - Mobile operators
  • How the business case stacks up in rural, semi-urban and urban areas
  • FWA as a driver for broadband development in sub-Saharan Africa
  • Available radio spectrum & case studies: Recent FWA deployments in Africa
14:50 - 15:10 20 mins
Main agenda
Telecom Egypt and the Cup of Nations 5G trial
  • Reviewing the technology deployed for the Cup of Nations 5G project
  • Measuring the success of the trial
  • What is next for Telecom Egypt?
15:10 - 15:40 30 mins
Main agenda
Panel: 5G killer applications in Africa
  • Is there such a thing as a killer app?
  • What applications will 5G enable in Africa?
  • Learnings from the first 5G commercial launches
  • How can developing economies justify the 5G investment?
  • How can regulators truly unlock innovation
  • What is the enterprises’ role in 5G?
15:40 - 16:20 40 mins
Main agenda
Networking and refreshment break
16:20 - 16:40 20 mins
Main agenda
Laying the foundations for the 5G era in Africa
  • Akinwale Goodluck - Head of Sub-Saharan Africa, GSMA
  • The 5G era is upon us: by 2020, commercial 5G services will be available in at least 50 countries around the world
  • 5G will be part of the future digital landscape in Sub-Saharan Africa, but mass adoption is not imminent
  • Market readiness is necessary to determine the timing for the transition to 5G in Africa. This will help maximise value from 5G services for consumers, operators and the wider society
  • As the 2020s will usher in the 5G era in Africa, there is no better time than now for policymakers, mobile operators, equipment vendors and ecosystem players to begin put in place the necessary building blocks to facilitate the transition to 5G
16:40 - 17:00 20 mins
Main agenda
Panel: Security and privacy in the 5G era
  • Panellist Sami Said - Chief Security Officer, Tunisie Telecom
  • Moderator Thecla Mbongue - Senior Research Analyst, Ovum
  • Reviewing the 5G security challenges
  • How does 5G enable confidentiality and user privacy?
  • The origins of 5G security requirements
  • Greater exposure of the 5G Core
  • Security at the edge and multi-cloud security
  • Embedding security in telco DNA