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5G Latin America
12 & 14 April 2022
Digital SymposiumOnline

12 & 14 April 2022
Digital Symposium,


The home of on trend news stories, articles, and reports focused around 5G networks and technologies exclusive to 5G Latin America

Free Whitepaper: How Telecoms Overcome Big Data Challenges

In an everything-connected world of ubiquitous smartphones, mobile operators have become a utility. This has led to fierce competition to try and stand out by serving the customer better, using ever-increasing amounts of data to provide insights that improve interactions and network quality. But whether they’re running on 4G or they’ve ventured out to 5G, telecom operators’ data stores have grown and continue to grow so vast that turning this information into actional insight is a major challenge.

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Free Whitepaper: How Telecoms Can Maximize Their Competitive Edge Using 5G Data

The extremely high competition in the telecommunications market, together with intensifying 5G competition, means that operators must increase their focus on delivering superior customer experiences in order to gain competitive differentiation, retain existing business, and win new customers.

Download this whitepaper from Sqream now which covers how telecoms can maximise their competitive edge using 5G data, covering real life case studies and analysis.

12 & 14 April 2022
Digital Symposium,

Download Report: Digital Economy over 5G

Download this report from Artifex Consulting, which covers Latin America's acceleration of the transition to the digital economy with 5G.

Exclusive Interviews with our 2020 Speakers

We sat down with some of our the 5G Latin America 2020 speakers to hear their thoughts on the industry today. Discover their exclusive insights now...

Jorge Tello, Core Network Specialist at Entel Peru

Jorge Tello – Core Network Specialist at Entel Peru – took some time to answer our burning questions around how operators can advance their 5G journey in Latin America, the potential challenges they might face, and the key technologies that he sees as being critical to the success of these network transformation plans.

Wagner Morais, Cyber Security Consultant at VIVO Brazil (English)

Wagner Morais, Cyber Security Consultant at VIVO Brazil, took some time to discuss the new security threats that are surrounding the emergence of 5G in Latin America, and how the ecosystem can overcome these emerging challenges.

Wagner Morais, Cyber Security Consultant at VIVO Brazil (Portuguese)

Wagner Morais, Consultor de Seguridad Cibernética en VIVO Brasil, se tomó un tiempo para discutir las nuevas amenazas de seguridad que rodean la aparición de 5G en América Latina y cómo el ecosistema puede superarlas. desafíos emergentes

Gustavo Morais, Digital Director at Sky Brazil (Portuguese)

Antes de sua discussão sobre 'Transformação digital para uma empresa de telecomunicações ágil' na 5G América Latina 2020, Gustavo Morais sentou-se com nossa equipe para discutir como é o futuro da empresa de telecomunicações na América Latina e como as empresas de telecomunicações hoje podem - e devem - transformar para garantir o sucesso.

12 & 14 April 2022
Digital Symposium,

Exclusive 5G Americas Report: Discover Digital Adoption in Latin America

Available in both Spanish and Portuguese, download this exclusive white paper to find out how the requirements of each Latin American country affect, or have affected, the deployment of networks, commonly used and recommended practices and much more ...

12 & 14 April 2022
Digital Symposium,


Back for it's third year, the 2021 Digital Series will take you beyond the hype to debunk myths and define the next steps for 5G realisation

The 5G Digital Series brings together inspirational leaders from the telecoms, vertical industries, technology providers, regulators, government and research communities to debate burning industry questions; from building, launching and managing robust next-gen networks to the new products and services they enable. Created for business leaders and innovators from the entire 5G ecosystem, register for the 2021 series now to uncover the answers to your business-critical questions.



We're excited to offer our newsletter readers exclusive access to 5G Americas' latest report: Digital Adoption of 5G in Latin America, which examines how operators can invest in and implement 5G technology in Latin America. As operators examine business critical questions, such as implementation policies, best practices and the legal and regulatory framework that underpins digital adoption, this report provides critical information for operators seeking to adopt, launch and deployed 5G throughout the region in 2020 and beyond...


As service providers start to roll out 5G networks in Latin America, they must figure out how to deliver new 5G services and how best to go to market with industry partners. In this report, which is available exclusively for our newsletter readers, industry leading analysts Ovum outline the key actions that service providers should be taking in order to capitalize on the 5G potential in Latin America in 2020 and beyond.


As the requirements of the service provider community in Latin America evolves, now is the time for the region's operators to understand and explore the untapped potential of next-generation technologies and the roll-out of 5G services. To help service providers answer their business-defining questions, market leading analysts Ovum are conducting their annual 5G Latin America Market 2020 Survey...


AT&T offloads Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands units to Liberty LATAM

Some might suggest this is a knee-jerk reaction to the intentions of an activist investor, though the vulture fund should not be able to claim credit for this one.

AT&T has announced it will sell its wireless and wireline operations in Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands to Liberty LATAM for $1.95 billion. The transaction is expected to close in six to nine months, depending on approvals from the FCC and the Department of Justice.

Vivo introduces FTTH franchising model in Brazil

Telefonica’s Brazilian brands Vivo and Terra have launched a franchise model for its fibre rollout plans seemingly to ease the financial demands of the digital economy.

Working with local partners, the initiative will focus on cities with populations between 20,000 and 50,000. The aim will be to add an additional 1 million households to the fibre footprint by 2021, taking the total north of 15 million.

Vodafone Business and América Móvil team up to woo IoT customers

The B2B group of Vodafone has entered a partnership agreement with América Móvil to provide IoT operators with international roaming service for things.

The press release does not disclose much detail on how Vodafone Business and América Móvil will combine their IoT platforms or share their expertise in IoT connectivity and services with each other, for example if this would involve the two platforms running the same applications or adopting the same protocols.