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27 & 29 April 2021
Digital Symposium


As the potential for 5G in Latin America continues to grow, regulation and innovation have never been so crucial. Voted for by the 5G ecosystem, this award honors those companies award celebrates those regulators who are propelling the launch of 5G in the region by thinking outside of the box and providing crucial services and support to telecom operators.

Have your say and cast your vote for the most innovative regulator in Latin America today. The winner will be crowed at the 5G Latin America Awards 2020, in Brazil, this April.


Reform of the National Telecommunications Agency (ANATEL) approach towards the sector: a responsive based regime.

In 2019 the ANATEL established the foundations of a paradigmatic transformation in its approach towards the Brazilian telecommunications sector. A new legislation founded on ANATEL´s contributions combined with an in-house review of ANATEL modus operandi have allowed introducing a new perspective on the regulatory intervention, focused on competition, connectivity and inbounding investment to the sector.

Comision de Regulacion de Comunicaciones

Regulatory Sandbox for innovation in Connectivity

One of the main issues we currently face in the world is how to connect the almost half the world population that is still not connected. For that, we need innovative ways of thinking and actions.  Regulators play a vital role in this scenario, and the Colombian Communication Commission (CRC) is aware of the importance of innovation to tackle this issue. In fact, the CRC wants to implement the the first Regulatory Sandbox in the world related to connectivity


National Optical Fiber and Austral Optical Fiber

Although high-speed technologies bring multiple benefits to citizens and productive sectors of a country, these pose challenges in terms of infrastructure, especially in nations where unfortunately connectivity access inequalities still persist. Therefore, as the Vice-Ministry of Telecommunications of Chile we are developing the National Optical Fiber and the Austral Optical Fiber projects that are vital for an effective rollout of future networks such as 5G.


National Infrastructure Information System

The National Infrastructure Information System (SNII for its acronym in Spanish) is a project by the Federal Telecommunications Institute (IFT for its acronym in Spanish) that traces the Telecommunications and Broadcasting infrastructure within the national territory, to provide an accurate representation on the infrastructure set up by concessionaries in the national territory, enhancing the further deployment of new infrastructure.


Peru identified continuous 500 MHz in the prime mid-band 3.5 GHz for International Mobile Telecommunications (IMT) services

As part of a management strategies of the spectrum for the towards the development of new technologies and digital services, Peru identified, allocated and channeled continuous 500 MHz in the prime mid-band 3.5 GHz (band 3300-3800 MHz) for International Mobile Telecommunications (IMT) services being the first Latin America country to do this and driving the adoption of 5G in our region.