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5G Latin America
12 & 14 April 2022
Digital SymposiumOnline

Regulator of the Year Award: SUBTEL

Name of the Entry

Public tender for the deployment of the 5G network.

Summary of the entry

The Vice-Ministry of Telecommunications from Chile carried out a public tender for the 5G network deployment in Chile, which considers four separate and independent bidding processes for the 700 MHz; AWS; 3.5 GHz; and 26 GHz bands. Furthermore, among the requirements indicated on the public bidding bases, it appears that the eventual winners must comply with the regulations on cybersecurity and critical telecommunications infrastructure that exist today. Likewise, winners must obligatorily connect with high-speed mobile broadband 366 boroughs throughout Chile with no connectivity.

Description of the impact of the project and how it has supported operators to develop 5G

The fact that there are four independent public tenders for the deployment of 5G contributes to both the productive sectors and citizens since they can take full advantage of the benefits that this network brings because 5G needs the spectrum within at least three frequency ranges to provide comprehensive coverage and support all use cases. On the other hand, forcing to connect boroughs with zero connectivity contributes to reducing the digital divide as more than 300.000 inhabitants will have access to digital connectivity for the first time, something primordial considering that we are in the digital age.

These measures have been well viewed and valued by the operators, as we received five offers from different companies in the public tenders for the deployment of 5G, the highest number of bidders that have participated in a public spectrum tender in our country.