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09:00 09:10 (10 mins)

Network Security Summit

Chair’s opening remarks

  • Omar Mansour - Lead Technical Architect, NetNumber

09:10 09:40 (30 mins)

Network Security Summit

Security in the 5G Era

  • Security Challenges in the IoT/Smart City technologies
  • Security within the Software Defined Network (SDN)
  • Governance and Control Models
  • Proposals for the future
  • Sayed Wajahat Ali - Director Technical Audit Internal Control , du

09:40 10:10 (30 mins)

Network Security Summit

Interoperability between 5G security solutions and legacy network technologies

  • Defining new trust models
  • Security architecture that encompasses all access technologies
  • Security integrated into the architecture from the beginning
  • Omar Mansour - Lead Technical Architect, NetNumber

10:10 10:40 (30 mins)

Network Security Summit

Rise of Things and Internet of Threats (IoT)

This session sketches a threat landscape in view of influx of things in various industry verticals. Light will be shed on possible implications when a stampede of things occurs and how tighter security controls can restrict or minimize an adverse impact on businesses.

  • Kamran Ahsan - Senior Director, Digital Security Solutions, Etisalat Digital

10:40 11:40 (60 mins)

Network Security Summit

Morning coffee break

11:40 12:10 (30 mins)

Network Security Summit

Ensuring effective and highly efficient security solutions for LTE networks

  • Risks associated with all IP infrastructure
  • Identifying key security threats in LTE
  • High-throughput, right featured security solutions to ensure a competitive advantage
  • Securing the network with minimal impact to the consumer
  • The importance of effective firewalling
  • Scalable firewalling
  • Security testing
  • Sudhir Kamble - Head- Security Practice, Tata Communications Transformation Services Ltd.

12:10 12:40 (30 mins)

Network Security Summit

Cyber Security for Telecoms in the Digital age

This session will provide insights on the transformation of Telecom Providers in the face of increasing digital evolution. The role of Cyber Security in enabling this transformation. The rise of Artificial intelligence, Fintech and their impact on Telecommunications.

  • Abubakar Arshad - Cyber Security Advisor, Telecommunications Regulatory Authority, Bahrain

12:40 12:50 (10 mins)

Network Security Summit

Enabling security and trust for a diverse range of 5G devices

  • How has security been implemented at a device level up to now?
  • How can an SE help a device to establish trusted connectivity?
  • How can locally enabled Quality of Service applications (QoS) further enhance mobile broadband?
  • How can mobile security technology help to secure critical communications in 5G networks?
  • Insight into solutions to provide security at both the edge and the core of virtual networks
  • Paul Bradley - 5G Working Group Chair, SIMalliance

12:50 13:20 (30 mins)

Network Security Summit

Securing next-generation services

  • Anticipating adoptable next gen services
  • Forecasting associated risks
  • Embedding security in the core
  • Do we need a paradigm shift?
  • Taimoor Dar - Security Architect, Batelco

13:20 14:40 (80 mins)

Network Security Summit


14:40 15:40 (60 mins)

Network Security Summit

Interactive Roundtable Discussions

An opportunity to discuss and debate key topics with fellow attendees and expert speakers. Use the time to hear the perspective of your industry peers whilst networking in small, relaxed, focussed groups.

  1. What should 5G network security look like?The evolving threat landscape, developing security without 5G definition or standards, potential targets for 5G attacks, comparing 3G/LTE/5G, interoperability, security for virtualised networks
    Roundtable host: Sayed Wajahat Ali, Senior Director Technical Audit, Internal Control, DU

  2. Challenges and opportunities for IoT connectivity and securityCollaborated security between network operators and vertical markets, increasing connections = increased threat?, variety of IOT applications = numerous and diverse threats, protecting privacy data, M2M security layers, cyber security solutions for complex IoT networks, the importance of security at device and network level

  3. Monetisation opportunities for Network Security in the 5G eraSecurity as a business driver, security of services/applications/OTT, privacy protection and fraud prevention, educating mobile users, security as a service
    Roundtable host: Taimoor Dar, Cyber Security Architect, BATELCO
  • Sayed Wajahat Ali - Director Technical Audit Internal Control , du
  • Taimoor Dar - Security Architect, Batelco

15:40 15:50 (10 mins)

Network Security Summit

Feedback from roundtable discussions

15:50 16:00 (10 mins)

Network Security Summit

Chair's closing remarks

  • Omar Mansour - Lead Technical Architect, NetNumber

16:00 16:00 (0 mins)

Network Security Summit

End of Network Security Summit

12:30 13:30 (60 mins)

Network Value Maximization Foucs Day

Registration and lunch

13:30 13:50 (20 mins)

Network Value Maximization Foucs Day

Site Densification & TCO Re-construction

  • Geng Fei - VP of Global Wireless Network Marketing, Huawei

13:50 14:20 (30 mins)

Network Value Maximization Foucs Day

Pole Site Deployment Sharing

  • Michael Fisher - CEO of Energy Solutions Group, Huawei

14:10 14:30 (20 mins)

Network Value Maximization Foucs Day

Antenna Bridging now and 5G

  • Heino Cumpanas - Director of Wireless Marketing and PLM for Antennas , Huawei

14:30 15:00 (30 mins)

Network Value Maximization Foucs Day


15:00 15:20 (20 mins)

Network Value Maximization Foucs Day

Afternoon coffee break

15:20 15:40 (20 mins)

Network Value Maximization Foucs Day

Industry Insight on WTTx development in ME

  • Julian Bright - Senior Analyst, Intelligent Networks, Ovum

15:40 16:00 (20 mins)

Network Value Maximization Foucs Day

Huawei Home Wireless Broadband Solution

  • Lu Han - VP of Wireless Network Marketing of Huawei, Huawei

16:00 16:30 (30 mins)

Network Value Maximization Foucs Day

Business and Network Consulting in Home Wireless Broadband Development

  • Henry Chow - Senior Managing Consultant, Huawei

16:30 17:00 (30 mins)

Network Value Maximization Foucs Day