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Back and better than ever for 2020: Cut through the industry hype and get the answers you need to navigate the world of 5G.

The 5G Series Digital Series puts you in front of the leaders and innovators who are driving 5G forward today. With five webinars, downloadable resources and on-demand video interviews with some of the 5G ecosystem's most prominent thought-leaders, this Digital Series explores the topics, challenges and opportunities shaping 5G in 2020 and beyond, and provides you with the answers you need to your burning questions.

What can you expect from the 2020 Digital Series



Learn, engage and discuss the future of 5G with thought-leaders across the globe. 

Here is the Digital Series overview:

5G: 1 Year on from Commercial Launches

February 4th (3pm GMT)

It’s been almost a year since the first 5G commercial networks were launched and we currently have more than 40 eMBB and 23 FWA networks live. Whilst service providers are dealing with an increasing demand for data, declining revenues, OTT competition, high spectrum prices and more, 5G is set to relieve them from all their worries with the high speeds, low latency and opportunity for new products and services. 

But has this been the case?  

While waiting for ‘full’ 5G to go live in the coming months, we look back at the last year and trying to answer the burning industry questions:

  • What have we learned from the global launches; reviewing 5G in Asia, North America and Europe?
  • Are consumers willing to pay extra for faster speeds, and how much?
  • What are the consumer services that bring the additional revenues?
  • What are the spectrum needs that have yet to be met, and how can regulators unleash innovation in connectivity?
  • Is FWA a viable business model that more service providers should pursue?
  • Are the telcos able to partner with the vertical markets? What are the limitations and how can they be overcome?
  • Making 5G an affordable investment: partnering with telcos, vertical markets and other industry players to share assets, market insights, expertise and costs.
  • When should service providers realistically expect to see ROI from their 5G investments?
Realising the Promise of 5G with Densification

March 10th (3PM GMT)

Network costs are expected to double with 5G and various operators will start running out of capacity in at least 50% of sites starting 2020 (e.g. USA, Italy, UK, Japan). Depending on the area (urban or rural), service providers will be able to meet the increased traffic needs by densifying their networks with macro-sites or small-cells. And while urban environments will bring the increased revenues, there is pressure is on from governments to equally cater for the rural connectivity needs.

Even though technology is largely there, the market is still in lacking commercial examples of building, launching and monetising a densified commercial network.

This webinar will explore so far commercial experiences of densifying a network and applications of cutting edge technologies that will accelerate this process and bring the valuable ROI.

Concepts that will be discussed include:

  • The concept of mMIMO and applications
  • How are 5G antennas integrating with 5G Radio?
  • How does beamforming improve network performance?
  • What network topology needs to be put in place to make mmWave work?
  • Cell site design and standardisation
  • Network slicing to support 5G applications
  • Infrastructure and network sharing to improve capacity while cutting costs
  • How can neutral hosts take the pressure off densification; reviewing successful commercial models.
  • Does 5G electromagnetic radiation pose health hazards; Dealing with the public health concerns
Cloud, Core and Carriers

April 16th (3PM GMT)

Building a robust, secure and cost-effective indoor 5G network

July 14th (3PM GMT)

With 80% of all mobile traffic being consumed indoors and vertical industries such as factories, stadiums, malls, etc set to be the ‘big’ 5G use cases, it is inevitable that service providers need to cater a reliable indoor 5G network to both consumers and customers. As C-band and mmWave will struggle to provide enough coverage for indoor areas, installing cellular networks inside buildings will be critical to achieve the 5G ROI.

This webinar explores best practice and cutting-edge technologies in densifying indoor networks, including concepts of:

  • Handling the costs of 5G indoor densification
  • Advanced technologies that facilitate indoor densification: From DAS to Digital Indoor Systems
  • Partnering with neutral hosts
  • Infrastructure and network sharing
  • The role of small cells in indoor networks
  • Will WiFi 6 complement or compete 5G?
Private Networks in a 5G World

September 22nd (3PM GMT)