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5G World Series


Back for it's third year, the 2020 Digital Series will take you beyond the hype to debunk myths and define the next steps for 5G realisation

The 5G Digital Series brings together inspirational leaders from the telecoms, vertical industries, technology providers, regulators, government and research communities to debate burning industry questions; from building, launching and managing robust next-gen networks to the new products and services they enable. Created for business leaders and innovators from the entire 5G ecosystem, register for the 2020 series now to uncover the answers to your business-critical questions. Read on to discover more, including sponsorship opportunities to meet your business objectives!


Learn, engage and discuss the future of 5G with thought-leaders across the globe. 

Here is the Digital Series overview:

5G Market Dynamics in MENA

On-Demand Webinar (Live February 4th)

UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar were among the first in the world to launch 5G commercially and we now have live 5G FWA and eMBB. Whilst service providers are dealing with an increasing demand for data, declining revenues, OTT competition, high spectrum prices and more, 5G is set to relieve them from all their worries with the high speeds, low latency and opportunity for new products and services.

But has this been the case?

  • While waiting for ‘full’ 5G to go live in the coming months, we look back at the last year and trying to answer the burning industry questions:
  • What have we learned from the 5G launches in the MENA region?
  • Are consumers willing to pay extra for faster speeds, and how much?
  • What are the consumer services that bring the additional revenues?
  • What are the spectrum needs that have yet to be met, and how can regulators unleash innovation in connectivity?
  • Is FWA proving to be a viable business model that more service providers should pursue?
  • Are the telcos able to partner with the vertical markets? What are the limitations and how can they be overcome?
  • Making 5G an affordable investment: partnering with telcos, vertical markets and other industry players to share assets, market insights, expertise and costs.
  • When should service providers realistically expect to see ROI from their 5G investments?

Realising the Promise of 5G with Densification

On-Demand Webinar (Live March 10th)

Network costs are expected to double with 5G and North American operators are expected to start running out of capacity in at least 50% of sites starting 2020. Depending on the area (urban or rural), carriers will be able to meet the increased traffic needs by densifying their networks with macro-sites or small-cells. And while urban environments will bring the increased revenues, there is pressure on from a federal level to equally cater for rural connectivity needs.

Even though technology is largely there, the market is still in lacking commercial examples of building, launching and monetising a densified commercial network.

This webinar will explore North American commercial experiences of densifying a network and applications of cutting edge technologies that will accelerate this process and bring valuable ROI.

Topics that will be discussed include:

  • The concept of mMIMO and applications
  • How are 5G antennas integrating with 5G Radio?
  • How does beamforming improve network performance?
  • What network topology needs to be put in place to make mmWave work?
  • Cell site design and standardisation
  • Network slicing to support 5G applications
  • Infrastructure and network sharing to improve capacity while cutting costs
  • How can neutral hosts take the pressure off densification; reviewing successful commercial models.
  • Dealing with the public health concerns: Does 5G electromagnetic radiation pose health hazards? 

The Journey to Standalone 5G

April 16th (3PM GMT)

5G is now a mainstream topic of conversation, not just within the telecom industry but in wider consumer and enterprise communities as well. Whilst the rollout of 5G RAN is taking place at an impressive rate, there is still a long way to go until carriers will be positioned to announce the launch of fully standalone 5G, along with the promises of high speeds, low latency and the introduction of next gen applications. 

As carriers look to secure ROI on their 5G investments, we take a look at the key steps that carriers must take to make standalone 5G a reality.

  • What will be the defining industry requirements for 5G core?
  • With the release of 3GPP Release 16 scheduled for mid-way through 2020, how are standards helping to enable standalone 5G?
  • Assessing the role of pubic cloud as an integrated component on 5G networks
  • Considering the deployment of microservices, containers & APIs: Are carriers ready to adopt new, software first outlooks for their 5G networks?
  • What more need to be done to facilitate open source networking?
  • How might carriers’ best architect their networks to efficiently deliver new monetizable services to customers? 
  • How will standalone 5G change the game?

Tapping into the Emerging Private Networks Opportunity

June 4th (4PM GMT)

What’s behind the growing demand for private 5G and LTE networks? Part of the answer is data; a growing commodity for enterprises. Accordingly, safeguarding data is increasingly a top priority for industries from oil and gas to manufacturing and mining. Private networks offer enterprises a way to keep their data protected and on-premise, and also promise to provide the superior connectivity needed to power industrial IoT and massive M2M communications enabling productivity gains and operational cost savings. As connectivity experts, mobile operators are poised to capitalise on this lucrative market but there are obstacles to overcome and questions to answer:

  • Will enterprises opt to go it alone by purchasing their own spectrum to power and build their own private networks?
  • Will regulators incentive enterprises to do so with low-cost spectrum and appealing spectrum offerings for enterprises?
  • What are the technical architecture options for hybrid public/private networks compared to stand-alone private network or a private network slice?
  • How will operators partner with vendors and system integrators to develop compelling offerings for enterprises?
  • With each industry vertical having its own requirements and objectives, what are the optimal go-to-market strategies across key verticals?
  • Will 5G dominate the private networks market or will LTE continue as the technology of choice? And what will be the role of complementary technologies such as Wifi6?

Join us for a deep-drive into the questions mobile operators are asking as they prepare to capture the private networks market.

5G Adoption and Opportunities in Asia Pacific

With Asia Pacific predicted to be the biggest 5G market by 2025, the opportunities to deploy and monetise 5G networks in the region are untold. The region has been championing the 5G revolution, leading infrastructure installations, consumer and enterprise uptake and 5G applications, but with large regions unconnected or on 2G and 3G connections, there are still a number of challenges around infrastructure and technology investments and the 5G opportunity.

This webinar will explore 5G adoption and opportunities in the Asia Pacific region, examining the success stories and hurdles that are being overcome to bring 5G connectivity to businesses and populations.

Topics that will be addressed include:

  • The 5G state of play in APAC: adoption and achievements to date
  • Understanding COVID: will it help or hinder the 5G revolution?
  • Enterprise and consumer opportunities: where, when and why for 5G adoption
  • Network deep-dive: technology and infrastructure investments making the 5G reality


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