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5G World Series


The 5G Series is pleased to offer you a wide range of on trend news stories, exclusive interviews, reports and webinars focused around 5G networks and technologies. Delve inside to discover the latest in 5G news today...


5G holds a great deal of promise, but as with any new undertaking, there are many risks and unknowns. What was acceptable on 3G networks became unacceptable by 4G standards, and the same will be true of 5G.

This exclusive whitepaper from our partners, Empirix, covers what 5G failure would look like, what is expected by both end users and service providers, and how to build trust in a new communications network where a certain level of failure is unavoidable.

IT Investment Essentials for 5G Monetisation

As CSPs start to roll out 5G networks across the globe, they must not only figure out how to deliver new 5G services, but also how to go to market with industry partners. 

This report, from research powerhouse Omdia, outlines the critical recommendations for operators looking to capitalize on the potential of 5G, and where they should be looking to invest to ensure the success of their network launches, such as:

  • Adjusting expectations of 5G functionality
  • Investing in IT systems capable of meeting the new business demands of 5G
  • Replacing legacy charging systems with 5G-ready convergent charging
  • Focusing on the impact of customer experience on monetization
  • ...and more...

Are You Ready for Profitable 5G Monetisation

As 5G is rolled out across the globe, operators are all focused on ensuring that this new technology is profitable. However, many questions still remains around how to ensure profitable 5G monetisation. Providing key market recommendations for CSPs, this whitepaper will provide answers to questions such as: 

  • How to evaluate the potential of 5G services and assess their readiness
  • How to enable the platform and operations changes required for 5G monetization
  • How the consumer debut of 5G will pave the way for B2B opportunities
  • How to monetize the B2C 5G market
  • How to build flexible and scalable deployment models to ensure 5G success
  • ...and more...

MENA Industry Optimistic About 5G

According to a survey conducted by Omdia and 5G MENA 2020 , the telecoms industry in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) expects the launch of 5G to have a positive impact on the revenue and profit margins of service providers in the region. 

But the survey, which is summarized in this report, also revealed that the industry sees challenges in deploying and commercializing 5G.

Download this free Market Survey to discover the survey results, analysis from Research Power House Omdia, and critical recommendations for service providers and solution providers in the MENA region.

Back for it's third year, the 2020 Digital Series will take you beyond the hype to debunk myths and define the next steps for 5G realisation

The 5G Digital Series brings together inspirational leaders from the telecoms, vertical industries, technology providers, regulators, government and research communities to debate burning industry questions; from building, launching and managing robust next-gen networks to the new products and services they enable

Created for business leaders and innovators from the entire 5G ecosystem, register for the 2020 series now to uncover the answers to your business-critical questions. Read on to discover more, including sponsorship opportunities to meet your business objectives!