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October 2017
San Francisco, California

Monetizing the automotive industry of tomorrow

Advanced driver-assist systems (ADAS) will have a $102 billion opportunity by 2030, up from a mere $2.4 billion today, as carmakers rush to add automation features, according to Lux Research.

A Revolution is Coming

Self-driving vehicles are no longer futuristic auto technology; in fact, there are already cars with self-driving features on the road. Over the next five years, the connected car will disrupt the entire automotive ecosystem. The industry will undergo fundamental change as semi-autonomous driving emerges, followed by an eventual shift to full autonomous driving.

Auto makers that have always seen themselves as product suppliers will take on a new identity, opening the door to lucrative new digital revenue streams and culture change to compete with technology companies such as Apple and Google.

ADAS to Self-Driving Vehicles will be the meeting place for the automotive industry to discuss how to tackle the revolution and the monetization models.

Industry Leading Event

ADAS to Self-Driving Vehicles is the first event to look at business models around self-driving cars, through in depth case studies from leading OEMs and businesses on how self-driving will impact businesses such as home delivery, retail and advertising as well as discussing strategies on the launch of self-driving vehicles. 

From delving into the future of self-driving cars, security and privacy issues, mapping the autonomous future, car sharing and the future of vehicle ownership to building the next generation of driver-assist systems and unlocking the self-driving smart city of the future, ADAS to Self-Driving Vehicles is the event for you! 

Not Just Technical Talks

ADAS to Self-Driving Vehicles will host the Automotive ecosystem and deliver catered content depending on your responsibilities and interests. 

The event will explore a plethora of topics, future looking Keynote sessions that present tracks focusing on strategic insight and basic technical learning, to the advanced technical track, and the hands-on labs.

A Unique Networking Experience

Our fundamental purpose is to enhance your learning through peer-to-peer networking and connect you with like minded individuals. ADAS to Self-Driving Vehicles offers 1-2-1 facilitated networking services, a VIP meet and greet service to match potential end user customers with the right technology vendors, a morning breakfast briefing on day 2, interactive learning labs with key OEM leaders giving you the chance to network and share ideas with other attendees and put together a strategy on a step by step process of consumer buy in and many more interactive features.

The next event in the series: Connected & Autonomous Vehicles

Considered a futuristic notion just a few years ago, connected and automated vehicles are feasible, practical, safe—and necessary. Autonomous vehicles are now being road-tested, leading transportation agencies are already engaging in pilot projects and technologies are being implemented to allow vehicles to communicate with each other and with roadside infrastructure. This transformation brings us with next generation ADAS technologies, Intelligent transportation and social acceptance to be able to drive the next frontier in vehicle autonomy.

If you liked ADAS to Self-Driving Vehicles or were unable to attend you should join us at The Connected & Autonomous Vehicles Conference  to learn and engage with auto manufacturers, suppliers, technology and software companies, fleet operators, and others to unlock the new wave of auto-mobility for efficiency, convenience, and urban growth.

Connected & Autonomous Vehicles will take place on May 16-18 2017 at the Santa Clara Convention Center, CA.


OEM Audience

Why Attend ADAS to Self-Driving Vehicles

Hosted Lunch Tables

Enjoy lunch with tables hosted by our expert speakers, allowing you to spend valuable time with key people in the industry in an informal setting and get your questions answered.

Open to our VIPs, speakers and selected delegates, taking part in this informal session means you can get a decent chance to build relationships with the right people.

Speed Networking

Speed Networking is an efficient, face-to-face professional networking model similar to “speed dating” that enables participants to make new contacts through one-on-one focused conversations lasting between 2-4 minutes. 

Speed networking helps you forge new connections during the event. These are informal, fun and highly effective introduction sessions giving you a maximum exposure to a large number of conference participants in the shortest time! You will be meeting up to 20 potential business leads by attending speed networking event!

Learning Labs

The learning lab will be split into working groups with key OEM leaders on each table to strategies as a team the best stages to giving confidence and trust to consumers buy in of self-driving cars. 

This will give attendees the chance to network and share ideas with other attendees and put together a strategy on a step by step process of consumer buy in that will be presented to all attendees. 

1-to-1 Facilitated Networking

Our VIP executives ensure you meet like-minded individuals and make the most of your time at ADAS to Self-Driving Vehicles.

Breakfast Briefing

This breakfast briefing on day 2 will allow you to discuss specific relevant issues in a peer-to-peer setting and to benefit from independent insights within the automotive space.You will also come away with practical leanings.

Live Demonstrations

Engage in hands-on labs, and interactive learnings through live demonstrations and hands-on app design and build.

Are you looking for more exposure in front of an OEM-led audience in the automotive ecosystem?

Sponsoring ADAS to Self-Driving Vehicles is a fantastic way of raising your company's profile within this market and creating greater awareness of your brand. Join us at ADAS to Self-Driving Vehicles to promote new and existing products and service offerings in a high profile setting.

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