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Africa Tech Festival 2023 - The Home of AfricaCom & AfricaTech
Core Agenda & Exhibition: 14-16 Nov
Partner Programmes & Digital Content: 14 - 16 NovCape Town International Convention Centre, Cape Town

Core Agenda & Exhibition: 14-16 Nov
Partner Programmes & Digital Content: 14 - 16 Nov,
Cape Town International Convention Centre, Cape Town


Exclusive African tech & telecoms updates and resources, brought to you in partnership with Omdia and Connecting Africa

The Latest News

Download The Global Women in Tech 2023 Report

A deep dive into challenges & opportunities for women’s tech careers and women-led enterprises across Asia, Europe, and Africa, including:

  • The state of women's work situation in the tech sector
  • The factors that influence the careers of women in tech
  • Barriers and opportunities for women in tech
  • Evolution of the gender pay gap and gender discrimination

5 African Businesses With a Social Impact That We Love

As it was recently Valentine's Day, the Africa Tech Festival Series decided to shine a spotlight on a handful of exceptional African businesses with a social impact we absolutely love.

Survey: A Deep-Dive into East Africa's Start-Up Ecosystem

If you are a start-up founder or leader based in East Africa, we would love to hear from you. Seize this opportunity to make your voice heard: this survey will only take you five minutes and to thank you for your time, you can choose to enter a prize draw for a chance to win a £50 Amazon or Takealot voucher at the end of the survey.

Connecting Africa Podcast: S2 Ep. 1 – Talent Wars

Hosts Tobi Lafinhan and Paula Gilbert welcome new co-host Matshepo Sehloho to the team and they get into a wide-ranging discussion about tech skills in Africa on a range of topics, including:

Africa's talent pipeline, the demand for digital skills, and how to better upskill youth and bring education systems up to date with innovation, and Africa's startup ecosystem.

France24 at Africa Tech Festival 2022

FRANCE 24's correspondent in Cape Town, Nadine Theron, visits Africa Tech Festival 2022 (formerly AfricaCom): 'Africa's largest tech, mobile and satellite distribution event, and it’s taking place in Cape Town, South Africa. The 25th edition is being attended by thousands of technology experts, as well as industry leaders from across the globe. And the meeting gives pioneering entrepreneurs the rare opportunity to connect with investors.'

Mobile Identity: Providing MNOs the Opportunity to Drive Brand Engagement with African Consumers (Upstream)

Across Africa, mobile technology will prove crucial in the coming years as markets navigate current economic fluctuations and continue in their road to recovery from the disruption of the recent pandemic. In many places across the continent without steady Internet or Wi-Fi, mobile is the de facto connected device.

Africa Tech Trends and Predictions: 2022 & Beyond (Omdia)

The Omdia analysts have compiled an e-book bringing together highlights from research impacting the African landscape. Download your copy today to read about the current state of play across the telecommunications industry, predictions on the future of 5G, as well as technological advancements in the agriculture sector.

Vanu Extends Mobile Coverage in Africa

Vanu, Inc. creates solutions for places that do not have good coverage today.

Every operator would like to color in the whole coverage map. The only reason they do not is that current technology does not make it cost effective to provide coverage in many areas.

Gen Alpha: An Influencing Power Driving CX (Infobip)

Generation Alpha are children born after 2010, ranging from 0 to 12 years old. They are the largest generation of future consumers and are expected to have the greatest spending power in history.

How Tech is Paving the Path for Female Founders

Join three leading women in business discussing the best technology tips and tricks they have learnt on their journey to success

This discussion took place virtually at Africa Tech Festival 2021. In 2022, the event will be taking place LIVE in Cape Town.

5 Start-Ups in Africa to Watch in 2022

The Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) represents a new era of innovation in technology – one that’s enhancing human-machine relationships, unlocking new market opportunities, and fueling growth across the global economy.*

And start-ups from across Africa's tech ecosystem are at the forefront of Africa's Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Africa's Fintech Revolution Explosion

Watch the full discussion from Africa Tech Festival 2021, as our experts from Launch Africa Ventures & Knabu unpack the growth of lending and finance start-ups, current investment trends & challenges, and telecom giants building new networks and upgrading existing facilities. 

6 of the Most Innovative African Fintech Companies

Africa's fintech market is booming, and it shows no sign of slowing down.

Between 2020 and 2021, the number of tech start-ups in Africa tripled to approximately 5,200 companies. Just under 50% those companies are fintechs.

Africa Connectivity Outlook: 2022 and Beyond (SES)

With around 33% internet penetration, Africa is the least connected continent on earth. Naturally, connectivity varies by country, but universally, the greatest gap is between urban and rural areas. Whilst 50% of urban dwellers are connected, this figure drops to 15% in rural areas. This is the lowest percentage of any region in the world.

Mobile Communications in Africa (Rodhe & Schwarz)

Thanks to mobile communications, more and more Africans have access to people, markets and information, even in remote regions of the continent. Rohde & Schwarz mobile network testing equipment and services are being used to improve network performance and quality in 21 African countries.

Closing the Gap: Accelerating Women in STEM [eBook]

We've gathered a selection of inspiring women from leading organisations, including Netcampus, GirlCodeZA, Digital Council Africa, CSIR, The AI Review, Procter & Gamble, life.file, and more to share their insights and practical advice on how to excel in the industry.

📢 Call for Entries - Africa Tech Festival 2022 Awards

Nominations are now open for the Africa Tech Festival 2022 Awards, and we're looking for exceptional business leaders and organisations in the technology and telecommunications industries.

AFEST | The Official Networking Party of Africa Tech Festival

Taking place in Cape Town, AFest is back in 2022 for an unforgettable evening of music and entertainment and your opportunity to network with thousands of industry leaders.

The State of Connectivity in Africa in 2022 Report

Discover the challenges and disruptions to connectivity in Africa, the latest connectivity trends and opportunities in each region, as well as current connection speeds and adoption rates in each country in this interactive, free-to-download report.

7 African FemTech Startups to Watch: IWD 2022

Femtech (female technology) is a term used to describe health software and tech-enabled products designed with women’s health and wellbeing in mind. And it's a recently coined term, contrived in 2016 by Ida Tin, a Danish entrepreneur who created a period and fertility-tracking app.  

2022 Trends To Watch: Middle East & Africa Report

This free-to-download report contains key trends for the Middle East Africa service provider market in 2022, covering 5G monetization, growth opportunities in broadband with FWA, the evolution of MFS, and the emergence of Green ICT products and services.

Highlights from 24 years of AfricaCom, anchor event of Africa Tech Festival

Highlights from Africa Tech Festival 2021, the largest live tech event in Africa with more than 400 visionary speakers and over 16 premium conference tracks, each with razor-sharp focus, exploring the hottest connectivity and enterprise tech trends.

The Future of Satellite and 5G in Africa

In this FastChat interview, Connecting Africa Editor Paula Gilbert is joined by Semin Hassanaly to discuss how hybrid Satellite 5G networks can enable new business cases for MNO's

New Green ICT Investments Happening Across Africa

Over the past decade, regions across the African continent have experienced rapid economic growth and improving social conditions. In line with this, there has been a dramatic spike in energy usage, presenting a daunting question: can African nations find sustainable and, crucially, climate-friendly ways to meet their growing energy needs?  

Emerging Trends in African Satellite Connectivity

In this FastChat interview, Connecting Africa Editor Paula Gilbert is joined by Pieter-Paul Mooijman to discuss satellite’s role in Africa’s digital transformation.

State of 5G and AI Services in South Africa

Enterprise adoption of 5G and artificial intelligence/machine learning (AI/ML) technologies is rapidly taking off in South Africa as business activities and processes require transformation to increase resilience and competitive differentiation.

Tech Innovations to Reduce South Africa's Youth Unemployment Crisis

We sat down with Youth Employment Service's CEO, Dr Tashmia Ismail-Saville, to discuss the importance of digitalisation, disrupting conventional training & using tech to reach youth during COVID-19.

Robots, Risk, Creativity: How to build the workforce of the future

In this exclusive interview for Africa Tech Festival, Sterling Bank Plc's CFO for Corporate and Investment Banking, William Anwana, shares his top tips to help you build and motivate the workforce of the future.

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