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Chib Nwokonkor
CEO at Zanshuri


Chib is an engineer and businessman with various interests including but not limited to technology, healthcare and finance. His origins gave him an excellent opportunity to appreciate the natural world and encouraged his focus on sustainability from an early age. His numerous papers on deforestation and the environmental impact of agriculture were submitted to attendees of the Kyoto Protocol for consideration well ahead of his teenage years. Chib acquitted himself well in his school, proceeding to study Computer Science at Manchester University following in the footsteps of his inspiration, Charles Babbage. On completing his studies, Chib went on to take various roles at the Institute of Chartered Accountants, IBM Computer Systems and the Metropolitan Police Service. During his time as a police officer he was able to develop software solutions which proved beneficial in the fight against crime, whilst also serving on the front line in riot control, close protection and as an intelligence specialist. His approach to learning is demonstrated in his role as a school mentor, an activity which he has been involved in for over twenty years. His interactions with others are always constructive and his sphere of influence covers multiple fields and many thousands of individuals. A ceaseless drive to learn and improve has seen him extend his presence into different avenues with great results. Over the years his pace of achievement has not waned and indeed his portfolio of interests is ever evolving. Chib is a positive, encouraging individual with an amicable nature and an indefatigable attitude. His ability to combine the scope of his experience with an intimate knowledge of the human condition is truly something to behold. The constant desire he has for self improvement is palpable and a willingness to engage with others should serve to inspire us all to do the same.