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Raphael Grojnowski CEO at Mama Money


As a co-founder I eat, sleep and breathe everything Mama Money. Both myself and my fellow co-founder, Matt feel a great deal of responsibility towards our customers.

The money they send home using our platform is very often a lifeline for their families back home. We have a duty to make sure their money arrives reliably and at a low-cost.

The most critical resource are our customers. They are both our motivation and our most reliable source of information. Ideas and data combined is how we make decisions and progress.

Putting the customer first is crucial. We always need to be asking ourselves the question "is this the best thing for our customers". If the answer is yes, then lets do it.

Professionally, I am a lawyer by training and an aid worker according to my CV. I spent many years at the United Nations World Food Programme, before starting Mama Money. I learnt that with a great team, you can tackle the world’s biggest inhumanities.

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