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30th November - 4th December 2020
Virtual ClassroomOnline

30th November - 4th December 2020
Virtual Classroom,

AI Foundations: Data Science and Machine Learning

Intensive crash-course: Gain a solid foundation on ML and data science

5 half day Virtual Classroom

30th November - 4th December 2020
Virtual Classroom,

Course Overview

5 half day Virtual Classroom

This course will introduce data science and machine learning concepts, and have you put them into practice led by expert trainer, author and consultant, Rick Copeland, who has 20+ years industry and training experience. The course is designed for those wanting eagerly to get a start in data science and machine learning. Our expert trainer will walk you through the core python data science tools, the Scikit-Learn machine learning toolkit, and explore practical concerns for machine learning with python, including data cleansing, pre-processing, and evaluation.

What sets this course apart?

A Detailed Guide On How To Prepare For Machine Learning

Cross Evaluate The Performance of Your Machine Learning Model

Hands On Experience With Python Data Science

Real World Solutions Customised To Your Industry & Role

Attend the 5-day half day virtual classroom and you will be able to:

Have hands-on experience with core Python data science, visualization, and
machine learning tools Understand supervised vs unsupervised machine

Learn how to build classification and regression decision trees

Understand how to prepare data for machine learning, including preprocessing,
cleansing, and feature selection and engineering

Be able to use cross-validation to evaluate the performance of your machine
learning models

Enhance customer experiences by modernizing existing applications such as
recommenders, search ranking and time series forecasting

Make better decisions from automated data visualization

Save time and money by automating repetitive tasks

Gain insights from more accurate data analysis

A solid foundation in machine learning and data science