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AI Summit New York
December 6-7, 2023
Javits Center

December 6-7, 2023
Javits Center

The Conference Program

Build your responsible and scalable AI roadmap to help your business survive in the short term and thrive in the long term. Whether you are Initiating, Implementing or Optimizing, we invite you to solve business challenges through case studies, keynotes, Q&A sessions, and so much more...

Headline Tracks

The only event in North America dedicated to the scalable implementation of AI for business with discernible and actionable takeaways for your organization.

For Implementors...

See how your AI projects stack up against leaders in the space on The Implement Track; shining a spotlight on the implementation successes stories from professionals working with the hottest solutions in the market.

Who it’s for

AI Strategists and implementation experts from across the data, technology and R&D functions of the business. If you’re a professional looking for new ideas or concrete evidence to support further investment into your projects, then this is for you.

Key themes include 

  • Driving AI platform and tool adoption and enabling the augmented workforce
  • Delivering compliant, secure, and scalable intelligent RPA across your enterprise
  • Post-COVID productivity with AI
  • Embedding conversational AI Across The Organisation

For Initiators..

Driving value from your existing R&D investments and calibrating your strategy for the next five years. The Initiate Track is dedicated to delivering CxO level insights that will define the shape of the global market. Absorb the tactical and strategic masterstrokes of the pack-leaders and establish a strategy to replicate their success.

Who it’s for 

Senior leaders who are captains of their ship and whose decisions “make the market”. If you’re hunting for bags of commercial insight to inform your next big move, then this is for you.

Key themes include 

  • Recruiting and retaining talent
  • Placing ethics at the foundation of your AI roadmap
  • Augmenting your workforce – Human-Centred AI
  • Understanding your technology partner ecosystem post-pandemic

For Optimizers...

The Optimize Track is packed with back-to-back light-bulb moments for senior practitioners, giving you the inside-scoop on applied AI engineering and development best practice and how you can replicate it.

Who it’s for

Problem-solvers who are the go-to-person for getting R&D out of the lab, into the hands of the user, and driving tangible business value.

Key themes include 

  • The future of federated learning and what it means for your AI strategy
  • Building deep learning models – how to profitably leverage neural networks
  • Creating full stack visibility to track all incidents, asset dependencies and alerts
  • Optimising your data orchestration system to ensure smooth running of AI workloads

The Vertical Tracks

Dig deeper into the implementation opportunities and challenges for your specific industry.

Finance Track

As organisations move from strategic implementation, through to consolidation and personalisation of service to their customers, how does an industry, well equipped with the right innovation practises and techniques, look to scale and deliver an AI-centric, approach across its product portfolio?

This year, we segment the AI use cases and ROI examples to the following areas: Asset Management, Retail & Investment Banking, and Insurance.

Healthcare Track

2020 has been the year where the global healthcare and pharmaceuticals industry has been truly tested in its ability to innovate fast, create new pathways for drug discovery and create the next generation of resilient healthcare systems. Beyond Covid-19, the pandemic has challenged the industry to create a new normal of AI-powered healthcare; how does the industry move beyond 2020 and cater to a customer base whose expectations and benchmarks of wellbeing have significantly risen to create a new health code? 

We'll explore the use case for AI in the following three areas: Pharmaceuticals & Biotechnology, Healthcare Provision and Insurance.

Sales, Marketing & CX Track

The global pandemic has changed the way people communicate, interact and buy – your digital channels have never been more important. How do sales and marketing leaders react to this rapidly changing consumer landscape and use AI-driven applications to provide the most targeted, differentiated and one-to-one products, services and experiences? Learn from businesses that are succeeding during the pandemic and join the discussion on how to leverage AI and ML to speed up the post-pandemic recovery.

We'll also provide access to cutting-edge tools and demonstrations to drive innovation and boost your sales and marketing efforts.

Cyber Security Track

The enterprise attack surface is massive and with a large proliferation of devices and a substantial proportion of the workforce currently 'making do' at home, it's now more important than ever to acknowledge the security capabilities that AI and ML can provide. Whether identifying potential zero-day vulnerabilities, or flagging the risky behaviour that might lead to something malicious, we explore the ways in which AI has be applied at scale to solve to the complex problem of cyber-security.

Telco Track

AI has proved to be the catalyst for telco transformation. New for 2020, The Telco Track is your opportunity to hear how some America's biggest organisations have transformed themselves using document AI, RPA and analytics and to uncover the new opportunities that can be unlocked with automation.