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AI Summit New York
December 6-7, 2023
Javits Center

December 6-7, 2023
Javits Center

The Only Independently Judged AI Awards

Recognizing the outstanding achievements of individuals, projects, and organizations that are responsible for breakthrough innovations in the artificial intelligence for business space.

Entries for 2020 are now closed. You can still attend by booking an All Access Pass and watching the awards ceremony live.

More than just an Awards Ceremony

More than your average awards evening; in addition to celebrating the AI champions and gamechangers, we will host senior industry leaders to have candid conversations on the highs and lows of a disruptive year and how they leveraged AI to drive unparalleled business transformation.

Be front and centre of industry news

Recognize the outstanding achievements of individuals, projects, teams and their organizations that are responsible for breakthrough innovations in the Artificial Intelligence for Business space.

Hear from headline speakers

Hear direct from the AI leaders driving business change and their unmissable insights as they are looking to lay the foundation for 2021 project implementation.

Network with the industry elite

Join a global gathering of attendees spanning multiple industries and innovation sectors in a one-of-a-kind industry de-brief, combining world class insights and celebration of the very best in the AI industry.

Award Winners From 2019

December 6-7, 2023
Javits Center

The Categories:

Technology Awards


Best Innovation in Intelligent Automation

Intelligent automation (IA)—the combination of artificial intelligence and automation—enabling companies to achieve unparalleled productivity and efficiency by dissecting and synthesising vast swarms of data to automate entire workflows and processes. Applications of IA range from ingesting and analysing textual data, to guiding autonomous robots and vehicles. If you’re developing IA solutions which businesses can use to streamline business and operational processes and enhance complex decision-making capabilities, then send your nomination for this award.

Eco-system Awards

Best Enterprise AI Solution

AI is revolutionising business productivity and efficiency across all industries and investment is at an all-time high. As companies increasingly devote resource to R&D labs and expand their technical teams, in-house AI projects are moving quicker than ever from ideation to implementation. Exclusively open to enterprises, this award category recognises the leading companies building and applying the most innovative and effective AI solutions – in any industry.

Best AI Start-up

In such a fast-paced ecosystem, start-ups are emerging daily with fantastic innovations and technological breakthroughs across a range of AI technologies. The Best AI Start-Up award focuses on the business itself as well as the technology and is designed to raise the profile of those leading the field in both technology, product market fit, and scale-up potential.

AI for Good

Artificial Intelligence has the potential to help overcome humanity’s biggest challenges, there are a huge number of applications where AI will not only deliver value for businesses but also improve the world itself. This award applauds companies for utilising AI as a positive force for change; the innovations in research and product development that work to create a more sustainable and accessible world; and the AI pioneers that hold the values of leveraging AI for good at their core.

Vertical Awards


Best Application of AI for Sales and Marketing

AI has the potential to comprehensively overhaul the relation between business and customer. Bespoke, personalised outreach and publicity will soon be the new norm in customer-focused sales & marketing operations. Service levels, CRM & CEM – often challenging areas on multiple fronts for large organisations – will see pivotal changes powered by AI solutions. This award celebrates the renaissance of the customer and business duality fuelled by the advent of intelligent solutions.

Quantum Awards

Best Quantum Software Solution

From aerospace to telecommunications, quantum computing is set to address business and technical challenges across multiple industries. Whether it’s revolutionising pharmaceuticals or cracking even the most stalwart security system, the possible applications of quantum algorithms are endless. This award celebrates the pioneers that are developing the quantum software of the future.

Best Quantum Hardware Breakthrough

A quantum computer is worth more than just the sum of its qubits. From revolutionary cooling systems to ion traps, the race for quantum supremacy is laced with hardware challenges and pitfalls. As we get nearer to achieving the first truly commercial quantum computer, each breakthrough in the physical infrastructure brings us one step closer to actualising this vision. This award is designed for those building revolutionary hardware solutions that could fast-track the progress of quantum computing.