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AI Summit New York
December 6-7, 2023
Javits Center

Seth Dobrin
Vice President and Chief Data Officer at IBM


Dr. Dobrin joined IBM in November 2016 as the Vice President and Chief Data Officer for IBM Analytics(now IBM Data and AI). He is responsible for the transformation of the Cloud and Cognitive Software business operations using data and analytics and providing his perspective and experiences to clients.

Having traveled around the World speak with clients he quickly realized that every enterprise wants to leverage AI … machine learning … data science. At the same time enterprises are struggling to realize the value of this investment. There are several reason for this phenomenon. First, most enterprises hire data scientists without a clear strategy or metric to measure the return on their investment. Second, there is a fundamental difference between executing data science and AI as part of a Kaggle-like competition or as part of a graduate program and executing data science and AI in the enterprise. Third, finding the right talent can be difficult and retaining them can be even more difficult. Fourth, looking for unicorns instead of focusing on integrated Agile teams leads to turnover and disconnected efforts. Finally, not understanding the regulatory implications of a data science programs and either putting too many constraints on the program or having ferrel programs.

In January 2018 he established the Data Science Elite team. The team is comprised of the top data scientists in the World who have successfully implemented AI in the enterprise sustainably and at scale. The aim of the team is to sit with clients and help them implement data science around a specific use case. And demonstrate IBM’s philosophy and methodology for successfully executing and operationalizing data science in the enterprise. To address many of the issues above.

Seth is a prolific blogger and thought leader in the areas of data science, data governance, European Union General Data Privacy Regulation (GDPR) and enterprise digital transformation. His blogs are based on real world experience in a multinational Fortune 500 company as well as from his experiences traveling around the World speaking with leaders of the Worlds largest companies.

Twitter: @SDobrin

LinkedIn: In/SDobrin

Medium: @SDobrin

Agenda Sessions

  • Trust in AI: Invite Only Roundtable Discussion with Seth Dobrin, CDO, IBM Data and AI