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Jun 12
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10:05 - 10:20 15 mins Free
Chairpersons Opening Remarks
  • Emily Savage - Immersive and Creative Partnerships Lead, Digital Catapult
10:20 - 10:40 20 mins Free
Towards ROI for AR/VR: Starting with company infrastructure
  • Rich Rabbitz - Principal Member of Engineering Staff, Lockheed Martin RMS
  • Are your legacy systems built for 2019 or 1920? When -and why – to upgrade your internal infrastructure
  • Why digitisation is the first step for generating data crucial for AR/VR
  • Cloud + internal hardware + edge: Which network support formula works for you?
  • Creating a collaborative approach to AR/VR implementation: Understand the opportunities and fears of ARVR as a tool for progression to increase organizational readiness for AR/VR and soothe growing pains of immersive business development
10:40 - 11:20 40 mins Free
Talking trials and triumphs: and honest discussion on using AR/VR across the enterprise ecosystem
  • Alejandro Navarro - Director of Products and Analytics, Mitie
  • Alexander Bereznyak - Technical Art Director, General Electric
  • Jill Spaeh - Global Virtual Design & Construction Managment: BIM Integration & Training, BASF
  • Gurps Nijjar - Co-Founder, Avatar Digital
  • What process did leading enterprises go through to ensure their business model married with their adoption of the emerging technologies
  • Which partnerships were most effective, and what strategies ensured successful buy-in
  • Talking time wasting, money mistakes and technology failures: What would leading enterprises have done differently to secure effective use of immersive realities
  • Technology recommendations: Who to trust and who to avoid
11:20 - 11:40 20 mins Free
Mixed Reality and HoloLens 2 - what this means for business
  • Leila Martine - Microsoft Product Marketing Director, Commercial Mixed Reality, Microsoft
  • Miquel Vidal - Innovation & Programme Manager, CBRE

Humans forget 80% of what they learn after 30 days. 2 million manufacturing jobs will go unfulfilled due to skills gaps. 90% of megaprojects go over budget. So while technology has brought great gains to business productivity over the last 30 years, there is much more that can and needs to be done to meet customer requirements. This is particularly notable for first line workers, who have traditionally been underserved by tech.

Since releasing HoloLens in 2016 as the world’s first untethered, holographic computer that you wear, we have been working deeply with customers to understand what real, transformative solutions are. Through substantive learning’s, we have a clarity of what scenarios are driving the biggest impacts today – such as 25% productivity gains, 100% skills retention increases and 100% first time right benefits. For these scenarios, we believe it’s critical that all customers can get value “out of the box” through both Microsoft and our Mixed Reality Partner applications.

11:40 - 12:20 40 mins Free
How can collaborative development with partners help optimise your immersive business plan?
  • Rich Rabbitz - Principal Member of Engineering Staff, Lockheed Martin RMS
  • Michael Rygol - Committee Chair, the AREA
  • Muriel Deschanel - Chair, ISG Group on AR, ETSI
  • Jill Spaeh - Global Virtual Design & Construction Managment: BIM Integration & Training, BASF
  • Exploring decisive cross-ecosystem partnerships with hardware providers, software providers and consultancies, who is best to help realise your AR/VR vision?
  • Creating crucial-buy-in: the importance of aligning technology criteria and business goals across partnerships
  • With associations such as the AREA and Immerse UK ready to support your business plan, learn to utilize industry experiences across the ecosystem to ready your business for AR/VR
  • Collaboration starts within: Internal cross department collaboration within IT, planning and R+D departments may hold the key, and don’t forget to co-operate with the users of the immersive technology in your company for a proactive approach to implementation.
  • Going bespoke: What are viable and attainable ways to save costs on bespoke AR/VR content and open the opportunities for content creators? And how will standardized platforms aid this?
12:20 - 13:30 70 mins Free
Networking Lunch
13:30 - 13:50 20 mins Free
Designing through VR: How the automotive industry capitalised on VR as a technological testbed for innovation
  • Brian Waterfield - Virtual Reality & High-end Visualisation Technical Lead (Research & Technology), Jaguar Land Rover
  • From visualising autonomous driving scenarios through data, to in depth machine visualisation: How VR brings to life the designing process
  • Do not fear failure: How VR encourages greater experimentation in design whilst limiting consequence
  • Expensive design models and their production process can find clear ROI with VR prototyping. Whether with cost savings or first to market, don’t get left behind through unwillingness to adopt.
13:50 - 14:10 20 mins Free
Enabling VR solutions for Enterprises
  • Rishi Kalanke - UKI Immersive Technology Evangelist, HP
  • How to build a commercially viable VR strategy
  • Understanding the market trends of VR adoption within enterprise
  • Where to start with VR? Smoothing the integration process between VR compatible hardware and software
14:10 - 14:30 20 mins Free
Training case study - Ameliorating risk through VR training: The model ROI of VR technologies
  • Darius Vansevicius - Project Information Manager, JACOBS
  • Addressing the ROI for VR training in high risk industries such as utilities, energy, aviation, logistics and mission critical services. Visualising key training priorities that are decisive out of the simulation.
  • What the data can teach you: Tracking behavioural responses and knowledge retention in VR training
  • Recognising limitations in touch and eye tracking simulations and exploration into the future of real-time data response and Lidar in enhancing training simulations
  • Towards responsive VR training: How replaying responses to trainees and investing in reactive environments can further enhance knowledge retention.
14:30 - 15:10 40 mins Free
Making headway with headset devices: Which one works for your business model?
  • Daniel Moore - Blended Learning Manager, South Yorkshire Police
  • Will Parsons - IT Lead, Collaboration and Productivity, Janssen
  • Muki Kulhan - Executive Digital Producer / Creative Tech Analyst, Muki International
  • Megan Lubaszka - Southwest Regional Creative Media Leader, Gensler
  • AR/VR/MR: which headsets are most effective for training, monitoring, maintenance and design?
  • What capacity changes are expected within headset devices over the next two years, and how will they converge with other disruptive technologies
  • Is 5G enabled a must? Consider their working environments and who will be utilizing their technologies
15:10 - 15:30 20 mins Free
Building interoperability for AR systems: the only way to ensure AR reaches its full potential
  • Muriel Deschanel - Chair, ISG Group on AR, ETSI
  • Jérôme Royan - Senior Scientist on augmented reality, computer vision and artificial intelligence, b<>com

Clear and long-term benefits on ROI have been demonstrated with AR Proof of Concepts. Now the industry requires interoperability to take AR to the next level.

To that effect, the Industry Specification Group (ISG) ARF under ETSI is developing an interoperability framework for AR components, systems and services.

The modular reference architecture developed by the group will be presented during this session highlighting building blocks required to build an AR system and achieve interoperability at the interface of these building blocks.

The session will also give an overview of the standards landscape for AR with a report due to be published before summer 2019 analyzing the standardization work related to AR in various standards setting organizations and fora.

15:30 - 16:00 30 mins Free
Networking Break
16:00 - 16:40 40 mins Free
Social AR and the importance of the shared experience for working environments
  • Brian Waterfield - Virtual Reality & High-end Visualisation Technical Lead (Research & Technology), Jaguar Land Rover
  • Andy Epps - Learning Innovation Lead, EDF Energy
  • Muki Kulhan - Executive Digital Producer / Creative Tech Analyst, Muki International
  • Patrice Slupowski - VP Digital Innovation, Orange
  • Enabling workplace culture, not excluding it: Breaking down the myth that immersive working can be an isolating through experimenting with augmented social platforms. Understanding usability concerns of AR within interactive workplace projects, and how to address them
  • Marrying spatial computing and UX with the difficulty of changing perspectives in AR
  • Next generation of working habits and remote working – does augmented social platforms hold the key?
  • The importance of AR platforms for evocative storytelling and project buy-in: How a user experience that supports business functions and help teams visualise working projects through AR technology can create an interactive workplace.
  • The future of telepresence in connecting workplaces and facilitate collaboration and commonality across working teams
16:40 - 17:00 20 mins Free
Architecture case study: AR/VR and the importance of visualising space
  • Megan Lubaszka - Southwest Regional Creative Media Leader, Gensler
  • Understanding the importance of visualisation for architecture in articulating significant and complex designs.
  • What advancements in AR and VR will aid immersive technology as a design tool – and how to implement into the business structure
  • Facilitating buy-in: Learn how immersive environment becomes both a b2c and b2b asset for showcasing design.
  • Recognising ARVR as a tool for enhancing human creativity in design and revealing new possibilities through workplace experimentation in immersive environments
17:00 - 17:10 10 mins Free
ARVR Innovator Awards