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AR & VR World Summit
June 2021
Virtual Event

June 2021
Virtual Event

Augmented and Virtual Reality reports, articles and stories

The home of on trend news stories, articles, and reports focused around Virtual and Augmented Reality in the Enterprise.

2020 Speaker Interviews

Vicki Dobbs Beck, Executive in Charge, ILMxLAB (Lucasfilm) - speaker interview

Discover how Lucasfilm's immersive entertainment studio, ILMxLAB, are utilising AR & VR technology as well as other immersive technologies to move from storytelling to storyliving. Vicki discusses how ILMxLAB and Lucasfilm are helping to develop immersive entertainment experiences for the Star Wars universe including the Vader Immortal VR game series.

Jasper Krog, Global Digital Innovation Manager at Beiersdorf - exclusive speaker interview

Read an exclusive speaker interview with Jasper Krog, Global Digital Innovation Manager at Beiersdorf. Jasper explains how Beiersdorf are utilising augmented reality technology across their skincare brands such as NIVEA within their connected packaging. Jasper explains how they have implemented AR technology and the obstacles they have faced.

June 2021
Virtual Event

AR & VR Innovator Award

See the winner and runners up from the AR & VR Innovator Award 2019!

June 2021
Virtual Event

Watch the AR & VR webinar on demand

See the Virtual & Augmented Reality for Future First-Responders webinar

See how the development of enterprise-focused virtual, mixed and augmented reality is being used to benefit first-responders, both at the scene and in the office in our webinar on the 28th March.

FREE AR & VR World Reports & Webinars

Free Webinar: Managing AR & VR Expectations Now

This webinar focuses on the practicalities of implementing AR & VR technologies today.

In particular, this webinar covers topics including:

  • Developing the AR/VR blueprint in planning, design, implementation, scalability and sustainability
  • Managing the client's expectations of what ARVR capabilities are available today
  • How AR and VR is benefiting companies and industries right now

How AR & VR are Bringing Workplace Training Into the Modern Age

Augmented reality and virtual reality are poised to transform the enterprise by revolutionizing how employees are trained. 

Some major enterprises are already rolling out these technologies to secure an efficient and effective way to train their workforce.

Download our most recent slide deck to find out more.

AR & VR Glossary

Learn key terms for augmented reality & virtual reality which will help you understand the technology and help your business implement a successful AR & VR business strategy.

The AR & VR glossary identifies the meanings of terms such as Field of View (FOV), Head-Mounted Display (HMD), Mixed Reality, and many more key terms that critical to help with your understanding.

Use the AR & VR glossary to develop a knowledge of these technologies.

June 2021
Virtual Event


Global market analysis & forecast overview

In a new report, Tractica analysed over 300 enterprise applications of AI to determine the global market forecast for these technologies.

AR & VR World Interview With Mike Rosam

From Tech TV at AR & VR World Summit at TechXLR8 2018 we spoke to Mike Rosam the Head of Innovation for Motorsports at McLaren. 

Top articles from AR & VR World

How Will Augmented Reality Revolutionize Museums?

Augmented Reality Developer Ramy Hammady, shares insights on Cairo's Egyptian Museum , a building holding over 100,000 objects, making it the largest museum of Ancient Egyptian antiques globally.

This article explores his case study, "MuseumEye," which used Microsoft HoloLens augmented reality headset to simultaneously conduct research while examining visitors' and their journey around the exhibits.

AR to Enable 3D Storytelling – Google's AR & VR Global Strategy Head

Augmented and virtual reality use has become increasingly more common and is expected to grow exponentially in the coming years with tech pioneers such as Google, Facebook, Sony, and iconic brands such as IKEA and Pokémon already with products in the market. The market is so hot right now that IDC expects VR and AR markets to grow by in excess of 100% in the coming 4 years.

Steven Kan, Head of Global Strategy for AR & VR at Google shares his thoughts on immersion, commercialisation, and the impact of AR & VR on the gaming sector.

Virtual Reality Is Reshaping the Social Landscape

Virtual reality has become part of mainstream entertainment. Through VR technology you can immerse in films and other media content as if you were a character or engage with fantasy realms and creatures as if they were real.

Major video gaming titles such as Resident Evil and indie games such as Everspace have taken to augmenting entertainment through virtual reality headsets in what seems like a natural progression. Nonetheless, VR use will take on an even deeper effect on everyday life and will change the way we socialize.

June 2021
Virtual Event

Technology Industry Insights Report 2019

Download the full report to access the global tech community's insights.

This report includes insights into the tech investment landscape, enterprise IT investment trends in 2019 and the impact of Brexit on UK enterprises.

AR & VR World Interview With Mark Sage

Tech TV at TechXLR8 2018 welcomed Mark Sage, Executive Director of the AREA.