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June 2021
Virtual Event

Event Highlights

The headline sessions covered in 2017

Keynote Sessions Include

  • How AR and VR Are Revolutionising the World in Which We Live
  • Expert Analysis: Industry Growth and Expectations for the Future
  • Commercialising AR and VR: Where Do the Opportunities Lie?
  • AR’s Potential in Artificial Intelligence
  • AR Versus VR: Which will Dominate?
  • VR Production: Getting Technology and the Technique Right

Virtual Reality

  • VR in Engineering and Manufacturing
  • Transforming the Automotive Industry
  • VR for Performing Arts, Theatres and Live Music Events
  • VR for Education
  • VR in the Medical Sector
  • Virtual Reality in Retail, Gaming and Entertainment

Augmented Reality

  • Utilising AR in the Warehousing and Manufacturing Sector
  • AR in Engineering
  • AR in the Automotive Industry
  • AR in Medicine and Healthcare
  • AR for Museums and Education
  • VR and AR in the Military
  • AR in Retail

The headlines from AR & VR World at TechXLR8 2017

How VR Is Helping the Fight Against Dangerous Driving

Have you ever been in a traumatic car accident? A full-scale wreck with emergency services response? For most of us, the answer to this question would be no. The Leicestershire Fire and Rescue Service is tackling this lack of understanding by using virtual reality (VR). 

Boeing: Productive VR Cuts Training Time by 75%

Boeing has been using augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) within its organization to help improve training efficiency, reduce design errors and speed up maintenance processes. Paul Davies, associate technical fellow at Boeing, shared examples of the company's use of productive video at the VR & AR World event in London yesterday.

Lockheed Martin: VR Is on Our Radar

Keeping acquisition costs down is the primary goal for companies like Lockheed Martin RMS, according to Rich Rabbitz, principal member of engineering staff at the company. 

Speaking at the VR & AR World event in London yesterday, Rabbitz explained that "acquisition cost" was defined a little differently in naval parlance.