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AR & VR World Summit
June 2021
Virtual Event

June 2021
Virtual Event

Exclusive speaker interview - Jasper Krog, Senior Global Digital Innovation Manager at Beiersdorf

Explore how Beiersdorf are utilising augmented reality across their skin care brands such as NIVEA for their connected packaging and marketing campaign

Can you tell us a bit about your position at Beiersdorf and your experience?
After over 4 years on the agency side (Edelman Digital), I joined Beiersdorf in 2014 and was in charge of the global content strategy across 100 markets. Recognizing the rapid transformation of our business through technology I decided to put my focus on new consumer marketing innovations such as AR or AI. In this newly created role, it is my job to identify, test and scale new consumer-relevant technologies such as Augmented Reality or Connected Packaging and build a sustainable framework for our marketing communication of the future.
How is Beiersdorf utilising Immersive Technologies and what benefits have you seen so far?
For the usage of immersive technologies, we currently have a clear focus on Augmented Reality if it comes to consumer marketing. AR will become a relevant driver of our consumer experience in the future and we clustered our activities into three fields: brand stories, product information, and product stories.
If it comes to brand stories we see the technology as the opportunity to get to the next level of storytelling beyond everything we have done so far on channels like social media. AR helps us to be contemporary and reach a broad and younger target audience with new possibilities like sharable face filters up to exciting games there are a lot of new marketing opportunities for us.
In the field of product information, we can enhance our packaging with a more immersive experience and enrich it with information around our product-benefits and their usage. So for example, if a consumer scans a product via a QR code the information is appearing around them and no longer just linking them to a static website only. This ides of "connected packaging“ allows us to transform our products into a powerful media channel that wasn’t possible before due to the limited space on the label.
Last but not least we understand as product stories everything which is going beyond just product-related information such as AR mini-games, entertaining experiences, raffles or similar activations. As product information mainly happens in the store the stories can help to increase post-purchase engagement allowing the consumer to re-order, subscribe for our newsletter or support them with a tutorial in a 1-on-1 relationship.
What are the obstacles you have faced implementing your Immersive Technology systems across the organisation?
The main challenge is learning the ability to think beyond what you have done in consumer marketing so far and moving away from creating only dynamic 2D-content such as videos to the development of immersive 3D-experiences in Augmented Reality. Ten years ago every company had to make the big step of their communication from more push-oriented marketing in TV to an eye-level communication on social media channels or with influencer activations due to the fact that consumer behaviors have changed. Now AR is in my personal opinion the next big shift in how we need to communicate with our consumer and there is no way around this technology anymore. It will be more and more part of everybody’s daily life and as sooner we learn and improve in this field as better we are prepared for the future.
Why will events such as AR & VR World Summit continue to be important?
Being one of the fastest-growing markets the whole AR & VR world is changing daily with new developments and new opportunities. So it is absolutely key to exchange regularly with other people in this field and share learnings and experiences in order to keep up. In contrast to other trends and topics which popped up in the last few years, XR is affecting a lot of different industries and departments. See the big picture and also exchange with people not directly in your industry is the icing on the cake

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