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ASEAN Cloud Connect
Live November 17, 2021
Virtual Event

Live November 17, 2021
Virtual Event

ASEAN Cloud Connect 2021 | The leading innovation and tech event of the year

Powering Resilience and Innovation of Our Digital Future

Live November 17, 2021


Not to be missed! ASEAN Cloud Connect brings you the latest enterprise technology for digital natives, agile developers and more.

Live November 17, 2021
Virtual Event

About ASEAN Cloud Connect

ASEAN Cloud Connect brings you the latest insights on technologies shaping the world of today, and tomorrow. Hear about the newest developments and solutions in Cloud, Data, AI, Machine Learning, Security, and the ecosystem of new possibilities they create for the advancement of sustainable and resilient communities.

Join digital leaders, innovators, architects and builders to discuss growth opportunities and innovations that impact society, improve lives and drive the global economy. Be part of a network where important conversations happen, strategies discussed, and connections forged to build a digital future that’s resilient, secure, agile and sustainable for all.

What to expect at ASEAN Cloud Connect

November 17, 2021 | Empowering you online


Exciting Tracks


Virtual Solutions Showcase


Live Sessions


Digital-first Speakers


Knowledge and Sharing

How You can engage with us

Oracle Singapore Cloud Region

Oracle's Next-Gen Singapore Cloud Region is almost here. Are you ready?

Find out how Oracle Singapore Cloud Region empowers organizations to accelerate digital transformation, address data regulation and security, boost performance, and overcome cost challenges.

Live Developer Hands-on Lab

Live Developer Hands-on Lab

Tackle issues hands-on in a number of labs we have including one from Red Bull. 

High Speed Data: Red Bull Racing Honda Hands-on Lab

What makes a race great? Join this live hands-on lab and discover first-hand the basics of analytics and machine learning.

Network with the Community & Get Inspired by our Virtual Solutions Showcase

Take a leaf from the digital leaders who are shaping the landscape and engage in deep conversations for innovative ideas. Hear from peers in the community on how they are solving today's real-world issues.

Immerse in Radical and Innovative Digital Ideas

Inspire your thinking cap and get fresh ideas across five tracks covering:

  • Digital Future: Innovate and Accelerate
  • Hyperscale Your Cloud Infrastructure
  • Be the Next Digital Disruptor
  • Towards an Intelligent and Sustainable World
  • The Agile Developer

Live November 17, 2021
Virtual Event


Hear and be inspired by innovative tech solutions presented by the world's leading digital leaders. Be involved and kickstart your digital journey with these five exciting tracks.

Key tracks

Key theme: Digital Future: Innovate and Accelerate

Digital Future: Innovate and Accelerate

Accelerate your organisation's digital transformation to meet the world's rising demands. Equip your team with the touchpoints and strategy to deliver better customer experience, provide secure data management, and boost your performance today.

Key theme: Hyperscale your Cloud Infrastructure

Hyperscale your Cloud Infrastructure

You've got cloud but do you have the entire ecosystem to maximize performance and improve business productivity? Follow to learn what makes the ecosystem and how you can hyperscale your existing Cloud Infrastructure.

Key theme: Be the Next Digital Disruptor

Be the Next Digital Disruptor

Relook at growing your business at scale with next generation cloud solutions. Hear how Digital Natives in Ecommerce, Media, Fintech, Edtech and ISVs are innovating and growing rapidly with cloud native global scale architectures.

Key theme: Towards an Intelligent and Sustainable World

Towards an Intelligent and Sustainable World

In recent years we have witnessed an explosive growth in AI, along with other pivotal technologies like 5G, edge computing, IOT and cloud computing. The pandemic as well as climate change have become new impetus accelerating the urgency and pace of transformation. Join us to gain some insights into how technology is transforming our cities and improving lives, to become more intelligent and sustainable.

Key theme: The Agile Cloud Developer

The Agile Developer

Do you want to innovate faster and stay ahead of the competition? Join us on The Agile Developer track, you’ll find out new ways to build and deliver tangible working technology. From designing, building and deploying, we provide tools & content to developers and enable them to deliver best product to market quicker than ever.

Get Hands On with 3 exciting Hands-on Labs made for developers to choose from!

  • Accelerate MySQL Performance powered by MySQL Database Service and HeatWave
  • Build and Deploy Cloud Native application on Kubernetes
  • Challenge your inner F1 driver by using machine learning to predict Formula 1 Red Bull racing results