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The Road to 5G-Enabled Services

In 2019 North American service providers such as AT&T and Verizon will make 5G available to their customers. In this report, we will explore the different services that 5G will enable such as smart cities, voice, and connected vehicles.

Key findings in this report include:

  • Attractive market opportunities in the 5G service market
  • What new services will be enabled?
  • What are the key technology challenges that will be addressed when implementing these new services?
  • The most attractive services for operators that 5G will enable and the monetisation opportunities around them.


Questions answered in the infographic

  • Who's carrying out 5G trials in 2018?
  • Who's planning commercial launches?
  • What are the biggest challenges for North American carriers?
  • What will drive 5G uptake?

Find out in our free infographic on 5G Readiness in North America!


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A 5G Device Timeline for 2019

Ready for the dawn of the 5G smartphone? All signs now point to these mobile devices arriving on the scene within the first half of 2019.

The earliest 5G devices are already available, such as customer premises equipment (CPE) from Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. (Korea: SEC) for Verizon Communications Inc. (NYSE: VZ)'s fixed wireless "5G Home" service. Meanwhile, AT&T Inc. (NYSE: T)'s first mobile device, the Netgear Inc...

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T-Mobile Quietly Confirms 5G Network in 30 Cities

T-Mobile confirmed to Light Reading that it had rolled out 5G network equipment in 30 cities, as it promised to do last year. However, the company is not yet offering commercial services on the new network because it is waiting for 5G smartphones to become available.

The operator confirmed the news in response to questions from Light Reading about its pledge early last year to introduce 5G services in 30 cities in the US by the end of 2018, including...

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Sprint Gets Cozy With 5G Enterprise Testbeds

Jan Geldmacher, president of Sprint Business, gets his customers ready for 5G applications with testbeds that help businesses put low-latency and high-bandwidth network applications to the test, giving them a leg up on IoT and other business deployments.


Major US operators are aiming for different 5G goals

The first 5G launches will enable operators to offer faster speeds – a capability that has been proven to capture consumers' imaginations, as happened with 4G.

Key findings in this Ovum report include:

  • 5G deployment plans from four major US operators - AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon's
  •  The US forecast for 5G subscriptions and subscription penetration by operators by 2022.
  • How to be competitive in 5G with different deployment strategies. 

Latest news from Light Reading

AT&T CEO: mmWave 5G Will Be Fixed Broadband Alternative in '3 to 5 Years'

AT&T's CEO said on the operator's Q4 earnings call Wednesday that he expects 5G to be a suitable wireless replacement for fixed broadband in three to five years.

"Over a three-to-five-year timeframe," CEO Randall Stephenson said, 5G will serve as "a true replacement opportunity" for fixed broadband services, particularly as AT&T Inc. (NYSE: T) continues with the deployment of high-band millimeter wave spectrum in the US...

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Telenor Won't Raise Capex as It Gets 5G-Ready

Norway's Telenor has no plans to boost overall spending this year even as it starts preparations for the launch of next-generation 5G technology, the company revealed in an earnings statement today.

The operator said it would invest between 16-17 billion Norwegian kroner (US$1.9-2 billion) in capital expenditure this year, excluding the cost of spectrum licenses, after forking out exactly NOK16.8 billion ($2 billion) in 2018...

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AT&T's Cloud Outlook Evolves Amid 5G Buildout

AT&T's new mobile 5G network "is our first deployment where we can really say that 5G was born in the cloud," explained Alicia Abella, AT&T's VP of integrated planning and program management, in a recent interview with Light Reading. "Because we're taking advantage of all the cloud technologies that have been developed to really support the demands that we're going to see in terms of services and applications that are going to be enabled by 5G."

"That's why we were able to launch 5G as quickly as we did," she added. AT&T launched a mobile 5G network in parts of a dozen cities at the tail end of 2018, though 5G services are only available to select customers...

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