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This webinar will explore North American commercial experiences of densifying a network and applications of cutting edge technologies that will accelerate this process and bring valuable ROI.

Podcast: The Big 5G Event & Big 5G Questions

As we gear up for The BIG 5G Event 2020, watch Light Reading's podcast as Ray Le Maistre and Phil Harvey are joined by two guests -- Light Reading's Mike Dano and US Ignite's Mari Silbey -- to sum up the state of 5G, why US cities are closely watching 5G deployments and what we can look forward to as we enter 2020...


Profitable 5G monetization will require a fundamental rethink of revenue management systems. To help carriers make these key choices, industry leaders Ovum have assessed the main features of the B2C, B2Bx, and B2C services that will be supported with 5G, in order to determine how CSPs should invest, upgrade and rethink their systems. 

Providing key market recommendations for CSPs, this whitepaper will provide answers to questions such as: 

  • How to evaluate the potential of 5G services and assess their readiness
  • How to enable the platform and operations changes required for 5G monetization
  • How the consumer debut of 5G will pave the way for B2B opportunities
  • How to build flexible and scalable deployment models to ensure 5G success


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This week, newsletter subscribers got exclusive access to our upcoming webinar: Realizing the Promise of 5G with Densification. Meanwhile, do you know a 5G influencer? We wanted to hear...

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Will we see a "super cycle" in the mobile phone industry this year, driven by 5G? Do you know what trends will dominate the 5G market in the US? Are you ready for profitable 5G monetization? All these questions and more were answered in this weeks' newsletter!

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New York Governer Andrew Cuomo made bringing good cellular service to 100% of his constituents a priority in his annual State of the State address in Albany on Wednesday. In other news, Liz Yizhong, a former boss of China's powerful industry and IT ministry, says that with China holding 30% of 5G patents, the country is in a position to challenges the US.

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How Wireless Carriers Might Bring Private CBRS Networks Into the Fold

Glenn Smithson, the general manager of 7 Cedars Casino in Washington state, had a connectivity problem.

His casino is located in the hinterlands of Washington, where quality cellular signals are hard to find. And gamblers who can't immediately brag about their winnings on Instagram aren't happy gamblers. "We get OK signal, but it's not acceptable in today's world," he said. "We knew we needed to do something....

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Cisco Acquires Exablaze for Ultra-Low-Latency Networking Boost

Cisco got itself a little stocking stuffer for the holidays, snapping up Exablaze, a 31-person Australian networking company specializing in Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) technology for ultra-low-latency applications such as high-frequency trading and emerging telco services such as 5G and edge.

Exablaze supplies ultra-low-latency Layer 1 FPGA-based switches and network interface cards (NICs) as well as picosecond resolution timing technology, Cisco says in a statement...

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Work on the Next Big 5G Tech Spec Update Now Underway

The next chapter in 5G's technology story is about to get written. The 3GPP -- the industry association tasked with fleshing out the world's 5G standard -- finished its latest meeting in Sitges, Spain, last week, and members voted to move forward on a wide variety of new and fancy technologies and capabilities that could eventually be incorporated into commercial 5G networks. However, actual users probably won't see the results of the group's efforts anytime soon...