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Meet the 100 most influential people in the world of 5G products, technologies and services for 2020. 

A comprehensive overview of the biggest influencers in the 5G universe, this list encompasses those who have the voices to cut through the industry noise; they have the power to say where 5G could go next and enough people paying attention to them that what they say could happen. 

There aren't just CEOs; these are the technologists, business development people with engineering backgrounds, journalists, regulators, analysts, and board-level executives. 

The list has been compiled by 5G experts across Informa Tech, including journalists, editors and analysts, from an initial list of over 500 nominees.

Meet the most influential individuals charting the course for the next generation of global communications by accessing the list now. 


Our exclusive report 'Making the Enterprise Case for 5G' offers unprecedented interviews and first-hand use cases from 5G experts working in the automotive, healthcare, utilities, legal and security industries and more, as they discuss the impact of 5G for enterprises today.

Podcast: 5G future is virtualized

Listen to the latest global news discussions with the Podcast.

Juniper Networks CEO, Rami Rahim, joins the Light Reading podcast to discuss why future 5G services will be virtualized, how AI can improve network performance and what's next for the Apstra and Netrounds acquisition, and much more.

Global CxO Tech & Services Agenda 2021

The shift to digital will accelerate in 2021 and will be the foundation of all digital goals, according to this recent CxO report by Omdia.

The full report delves into critical trends that will dominate the technology and services agenda for CxOs around the globe this year, and uncovers business-critical trends.

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Betting Big, Nokia Goes Open RAN Fishing in Texas

Nokia has always bet big on open RAN. Pekka Lundmark, the company's head since August, has seen it as a chance to mix up the market and catch its chief competitors.

Satellites May Be the Secret Ingredient to Charlie Ergen's 5G Recipe

Billionaire Charlie Ergen owns a majority of the voting shares of both EchoStar and Dish Network. Together, the two companies own substantial spectrum licenses covering most of the world and could, theoretically, provide seamless terrestrial and satellite connectivity around the globe.

Cable's Wireless Biz 'Ready for its Star Turn' – Analyst

After taking an initial, relatively cautious view of US cable's move into wireless, a top industry analyst's outlook has shifted to sheer optimism due to a blend of improving economics and accelerating subscriber growth anticipated to take hold in the years to come.


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The 5G Digital Series brings together inspirational leaders from the telecoms, vertical industries, technology providers, regulators, government and research communities to debate burning industry questions; from building, launching and managing robust next-gen networks to the new products and services they enable...


The 5G opportunity for enterprises is endless, but do you know how it will play into businesses' digital transformation strategies? Discover the answer in this report, which offers unprecedented interviews and first-hand use cases from 5G experts working in the automotive, healthcare, utilities, legal and security industries and more, as they discuss the impact of 5G for enterprises today. 


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New York Governer Andrew Cuomo made bringing good cellular service to 100% of his constituents a priority in his annual State of the State address in Albany on Wednesday. In other news, Liz Yizhong, a former boss of China's powerful industry and IT ministry, says that with China holding 30% of 5G patents, the country is in a position to challenges the US.

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