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BIG 5G Event
15-17 May, 2023
Austin Convention Center, Austin

Theresa Melvin
Chief Data Scientist at Vertica Americas


Theresa Melvin, J.D., is the Chief Data Scientist for Vertica Americas where she develops strategic AI solutions predicated on an economical amalgamation of commercial software, open technologies, and cloud computing. Ms. Melvin’s AI solution development strives to balance the economics of growth against accelerated innovation. 

A Full Stack Data Science Pipeline Developer by trade, Ms. Melvin’s nearly 25 years of High-Tech sector experience has centered around architecting and incubating custom, end-to-end, AI solutions. This niche development work has facilitated the needs of the hyperscale and extreme-scale communities for the past decade. 

Continuing her cutting-edge research and development work, Ms. Melvin’s Data Science PhD work is focused on Quantum Machine Learning techniques capable of sustaining the global mobility data demands of the next (sixth) generation of wireless technology (6G).