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Key Sessions

Finding the right IoT security strategy and methodology to secure the IoT network infrastructure - Title Sponsor Presentation - Juniper Networks

Thien La

Journey to the Secure Cloud

Wellmark Blue Cross Blue Shield

8:45am 9:00am (15 mins)

Main agenda

Edge Security and the Cloud – securing and protecting IT perimeter

  • Exploring what are the security features of IoT and Cloud edge
  • What are the best practices to Help to protect against web-based security threats
  • What are the roles of EdgeHTML, modern web standards, certificate reputation system in the next generation of security standards

9:00am 9:20am (20 mins)

Main agenda

Finding the right IoT security strategy and methodology to secure the IoT network infrastructure - Title Sponsor Presentation - Juniper Networks

9:20am 9:35am (15 mins)

Main agenda

Journey to the Secure Cloud

  • Thien La - CISO, Wellmark Blue Cross Blue Shield

9:35am 9:50am (15 mins)

Main agenda

Building Trustworthy IoT Systems

9:50am 10:30am (40 mins)

Main agenda

Panel: Learning from Infamous Security Breaches

  • Reviewing some of the most recent and large scale enterprise breaches across industries
  • Searching for collaboration and interoperability among established security vendors to secure IoT
  • What were the vulnerabilities that malicious actors could exploit
  • How can we better prepare and how can enterprises influence security vendor collaboration
  • David Hahn - CISO, Hearst

10:30am 11:30am (60 mins)

Main agenda

10.30 am – 11.30 am Coffee Break

11:30am 11:50am (20 mins)

Main agenda

Leveraging Blockchain and Internet of Things (IoT) to Digitize your Supply Chain

This session examines the current and future roles blockchain technology is playing in supply chain applications. Learn how supply chain applications - when combined with items like IoT microchips and sensors - can create a powerful smart supply solution used across a variety of applications, including product authentication, identification, track and trace, smart sensors and regulatory compliance, and machine to machine interactions. By attending this session, you will:

  • Understand how IoT x Blockchain consortia are working towards a global protocol with Trusted IoT Alliance covering:
    • Register
    • Verify
    • Transfer
    • Ledger
    • Wallet (Machine to Machine)
  • Explore a use case for securely and cryptographically sealing a package and giving a unique identity to a product in the supply chain with Gold
  • Learn how blockchain technology can be used to track temperature data through the last mile in the pharmaceutical supply chain
  • Hear a case study that explains how pharma serialization can be used to achieve Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA) compliance
  • Samantha Radocchia - Co-founder & CMO, Chronicled

11:50am 12:30pm (40 mins)

Main agenda

Panel: Developing strategic partnership between blockchain startups and the IoT ecosystem

  • How are IoT vendors looking at blockchain, what are the use cases
  • How startups should think of a strategically about build a solution to solve IoT security challenges
  • What risks and benefits does blockchain implementation pose
  • David Allan Cohen - Executive Board Member, IOTA Foundation
  • TBA ., Oaken Innovations
  • Ash Egan - VC, Converge
  • Spencer Montgomery - Program Manager Blockchain Product Team, Microsoft

12:30pm 1:30pm (60 mins)

Main agenda

Lunch Break

1:00pm 2:00pm (60 mins)

Interactive Sessions

White Hacking Demo by Independent Security Evaluators

Demonstrate exploits against devices

Show progression through an actual exploit, describing attack anatomy along the way

Provide a tangible sense for how IoT devices get broken and how to better secure them

  • Ted Harrington - Executive Partner, Independent Security Evaluators

3:00pm 4:00pm (60 mins)

Interactive Sessions

Deploying blockchain for enterprises by Applied Blockchain

  • Overview of the trends moving past proof of concepts and toward live production solutions                     
  • Outline of the key benefits of blockchain                  
  • Smart contracts - what they are and how we use them                    
  • Gaps in the platforms for enterprises / businesses                
  • How to solve those gaps                    
  • Applied Blockchain use case examples across a range of industries  
  • Peter Bidewell - CMO, Applied Blockchain

4:00pm 5:00pm (60 mins)

Interactive Sessions

Security Workshops for Basic to Advanced - by Verizon

  • What makes an effective information security program for an organization? This educational presentation is intended to promote:
  • Awareness of the importance of need for IT security
  • Understanding of Cyber security vulnerabilities and corrective measures
  • The interactive discussion will focus on those information security risks facing all small organizations and how those risks can be identified and managed. Topics will include:
  • How your data is vulnerable
  • What you can lose through an information security breach
  • Practical steps to protect your operations
  • How to use information security vendors and consultants
  • How to evaluate tools and techniques based on your needs
  • This free educational program is intended for individuals and businesses with limited in-house resources to understand and implement IT security. City, county and state government entities, as well as small/medium/large c business owners & managers are encouraged to attend.

    Security Workshops for Basic to Advanced - by Verizon

  • Marvin Stein - Sr. Security Architect/Engineer, Verizon

1:30pm 1:50pm (20 mins)

Main agenda

Building scalable and secure blockchain hardware and software for enterprise application

  • Exploring blockchain in supply chain for device component security
  • Security must be done right starts with device component security. How does putting supply chain on the blockchain and utilizing authentication ensure device security?

1:50pm 2:10pm (20 mins)

Main agenda

Interoperability between existing blockchains to support IoT

  • Overview of existing blockchains capable for enterprise deployment: Hyperledger, Coco, Exonum, EOS, Tezos and more
  • What re the enterprise requirements for those to enable scaling?

2:10pm 2:50pm (40 mins)

Main agenda

Panel: Exploring blockchain Proof of concepts in deployments and use cases across industries

  • How does the banking industry leverage blockchain
  • Using Blockchain for Privacy, Safety and Security in IoT-Based Power Grids
    • Power grids are undergoing major changes due to rapid growth in renewable energy resources and improvements in battery technology. These changes create significant management challenges. To tackle these challenges, decentralized IoT solutions are emerging. In these decentralized power grids, consumers with energy generation and storage capabilities can trade energy with each other. However, providing security, safety, and privacy in a decentralized and power grid is very challenging. On the one hand, consumers’ personal information must be protected from their trade partners and the system operator. On the other hand, the system must be protected from careless or malicious trading. This talk will present how Blockchain can be used to enables consumers to trade energy without sacrificing their privacy while maintaining a stable operating conditions in the power grid.
  • Martin Lehofer - Blockchain Head of Research Group Systems Integration, Siemens
  • Igor Telyatnikov - COO, AlphaPoint
  • Ron Quaranta - Chairman, Wall Street Blockchain Alliance

2:50pm 3:50pm (60 mins)

Main agenda

Coffee Break

3:50pm 4:10pm (20 mins)

Main agenda

Using open source blockchain service to provide asset management for a distributed IIoT application

  • When it comes to IIoT, with a high volume of device to device data transmission, blockchain provides a decentralized architecture layer that improves the current centralized IT infrastructure vulnerabilities
  • Is open source really a better alternative to increase security and to reduce the number of bugs and risks posed by human error?


4:10pm 4:30pm (20 mins)

Main agenda

Stopping Ransomware attacks, like WannaCry or Petya, requesting Bitcoin for payment?

  • We’ll bring the community together to prevent these kinds of global hacks to happen again and clarify how crypto currencies and cybercrime do NOT correlate
  • What are the vulnerabilities these hacks exploit and how to prevent them?

4:30pm 5:10pm (40 mins)

Main agenda

Panel Forming alliances to support wide scale enterprise blockchain adoption

  • What new risks arise from interoperability between existing blockchains
  • How industries should collaborate in building blockchain responsibly for the future to come

5:10pm 5:30pm (20 mins)

Main agenda

Closing remarks - Hiring security engineers to build blockchain

  • In the era of cyberwar and the war over blockchain hashing power by nation states, what are the requirements for engineers during the hiring process?
  • How to find the best talent who shares the ethics and goals of the hiring organization

5:30pm 8:30pm (180 mins)

Main agenda

Drink Reception - Inquire to Sponsor a Rooftop Cocktail Party -