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Blockchain for Business Summit
June 2021
Virtual Event

June 2021
Virtual Event

Interview with our Groupe Renault speakers - Odile Panciatici, Blockchain Vice President, & Yves-Michel Leporcher, Blockchain Technology Expert at Groupe Renault

Can you tell us a bit about your position at Groupe Renault and your experience?

I’m Yves-Michel Leporcher, Blockchain expert at Groupe Renault and chairman for MOBI consortium (consortium on mobility services including blockchain technology).

After writing some books on asset management, risk management and blockchain technology, I had launched my own blockchain protocol and a start-up (Neurochain) before moving to the automotive industry and joining Groupe Renault in 2017. At Groupe Renault, I have worked in various technical roles on large-scale IT projects including data science, big data and blockchain involving several European companies. In the meantime, I teach artificial intelligence and machine learning at university.

I am Odile Panciatici, Blockchain Vice President of Groupe Renault. My mission is to see what the technology value can be for our company, identify relevant projects and develop the profitable ones. Since January 2020, I coordinate French Automotive Industry on Blockchain technology. I have spent all my career at Renault after getting my Mechanics Engineer diploma.

Most of my experience is in car design technology and quality and customer experience. At the beginning of Alliance with Nissan, I have been a member of the first cross-company teams, mainly working on the first common platform. After being Chief engineer of Twingo, Clio4 and Captur, I have been Vice-President of vehicle engineering from June 2013. I have been awarded ‘Industry woman of the year’ in September 2014.

As a Total Customer Satisfaction Strategy Vice President for Groupe Renault in 2015, I have been Transformation Officer and involved in Digital transformation and Renault Digital creation. I understood at that step that our future will be digital.

How is Groupe Renault utilizing Blockchain Technology?

YML: Groupe Renault is using a very pragmatic approach in the technology usage. It’s not a question of hype. 

OP: We have defined a methodology: What is the power of this technology? What are the new challenges it can support, and which pain points will be solved by it? We have identified about 20 projects that have been planned in a roadmap. From traceability to financial transactions, the application domains are wide.

Why did Groupe Renault start to implement Blockchain Technology?

YML: Blockchain technology is the best fit technology to connect a wide ecosystem. The automotive industry is an enormous ecosystem—including manufacturers, dealers, suppliers, and customers. Blockchain technology allows a way of working in a collaborative mode and with security warranty. 

OP: Collaboration is key for the future of the automotive industry, for cars design of course but also for all the service and mobility projects. After you enlarge your view, you can see how big the future can be!

To what extent will Blockchain Technology be crucial to securing the future of smart vehicles across Groupe Renault?

OP: Our business is more and more complex. The cars onboard more and more technology (connectivity, autonomy …). On one hand, we need to be more reactive in our ecosystem for designing and validate them. On the other hand, we need to prevent, predict, and prescript the events that may occur in a customer experience. Blockchain allows to create a network where a collective intelligence emerges thanks to short loops, smart communication, we reached increased reactivity. Cherry on the cake, intellectual property of data is fully respected.

What are the obstacles you have faced implementing Blockchain Technology across the business?

YML: The main challenge in this technology is the creation of an ecosystem within projects and change the mindset of our automotive companies that are used to work in silo. More transparency and more co-opetition are the main breakthrough to tackle.

How would you say the Blockchain systems have benefited Groupe Renault so far?

OP: Blockchain system had opened our vision of the future. The benefits will be not only for Groupe Renault but for all the ecosystem of a project. The values are of course performance, operational excellence increase, reactivity increase but beyond that, Trust within and outside ecosystem. It is true for our customers (product or service) and consumers (i.e., VTC users or car sharer)

Why will events such as Blockchain for Business Summit continue to be important?

YML: Blockchain for Business Summit is a great opportunity to share experiences, learn more about this technology, and enlarge the network for more collaborative opportunities.

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