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Channel Partners Conference

Mindful Meditation at #CPVirtual

Guided Sessions Aimed to Help You Focus, Re-Center or Unwind

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About Each Session

These complimentary sessions are taking place Sept. 8-10 during Channel Partners Virtual and are available for all show participants:

Ready. Set. Go.

Take a moment to tune in and get ready for your day ahead. Set the tone of centered and clear-minded focus. Go into your workspace without holding tension from previous weeks, yesterday’s conversations or concerns about the challenges awaiting you in the day to come.

Brain Break

A quick 10 minutes to catch your breath — literally. In this meditation you will learn an easy-to-follow, easy-to-remember breath practice to re-center your mind and body.

Decompression Strategy

Working from home comes with its own set of learning curves. Namely, creating a boundary between your home office and your home life. Mentally shut the office door and decompress your thoughts at the end of the day with this 15-minute meditation.

Meet the Instructor

Kate Saul is a meditation teacher, acupuncturist, and yoga instructor in Portland, Oregon. She began her career as a graphic designer in NYC and was quickly familiarized with the corporate structure and its impact on her own mental wellbeing.

After years of anxiety, feeling spread thin, and sleepless nights, she decided to get on the other side of things and help those impacted by the stress of a fast paced life and the present day's work model. Now she gives people tools to find balance in their lives so they can maintain their livelihoods, feel more present in their homelife and personal relationships, without sacrificing their mental and physical wellness.