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Cloud and DevOps World
June 2021
Virtual Event

June 2021
Virtual Event

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eBook: Kubernetes Governance: Take Control of Your Multi-Cluster Operations

The adoption of Kubernetes is continuously growing in enterprises. Kubernetes gives organizations the freedom to select the applications they need and run them on the infrastructure of their choosing. What enterprises haven’t fully realized is what it means to govern those activities or use data in the cloud in a compliant and reliable way. How do you balance the needs of your team as new tools and approaches emerge? And how do you structure your team to be agile, yet responsible?

Latest Insights

Kubernetes Cheat Sheet

Learn the end-to-end architecture and ongoing management required when building and running applications with Kubernetes. Kubernetes has become the most popular option for generalized container management, but a full Kubernetes solution relies on a number of add-ons and complementary solutions. In this cheat sheet, Chris Gaun, Kubernetes expert, walks you through what you need to know when working with Kubernetes, from required ecosystem components to commands to get started.

Case Study: Ziff Media Group Accelerates Time to Value with D2iQ’s Konvoy: Goes Live with Staging and Production Environments in Less Than Two Months

Ziff Media Group's portfolio contains leading digital properties in technology, culture, and shopping that reaches over 100 million readers each month. Ziff Media Group were early adopters of cloud native technologies, like Kubernetes. And for a three-person Devops team that supports a 260-person company, it allows them to be much more agile when it comes to launching new services and taking advantage of new technologies.

D2iQ Kubernetes Platform: The Leading Independent Platform for Kubernetes in Production

As the leading independent platform for Kubernetes in production, the D2iQ Kubernetes Platform (DKP) enables you to embrace the power of open source Kubernetes, cloud native workloads, and the entire cloud native ecosystem to achieve digital agility. DKP provides a holistic approach and complete set of technologies, expert professional services, training, and support offerings. The benefits of this comprehensive approach include faster time to benefit, reduced total cost of ownership, improved operational efficiency and less stress on your ops teams.

Covid-19 Latest Insights

As the new decade dawned, the industry prepared to enjoy great prosperity through new technologies and digital services; then came one of the largest and most disruptive virus outbreaks the modern world has ever seen. 

The need to keep the entire TMT ecosystem connected and informed has never been greater, that's why we are delighted to share with you these articles and reports from analyst and consultancy firm Omdia.

Report: The Market Impact of COVID-19

This 67 page report evaluates the impact of COVID-19 on various digital consumer services segments such as video, digital commerce, advertising and technology solutions among many others.
Recommendations on how to respond and prepare for those impending changes are provided throughout, along with some examples that have emerged in the past few days.

Latest Insights

Read the most recent insights from across the interconnected technology, media and telecommunications landscape from the Omdia team of expert analysts.

New Report: Datacentre transformation in the digital era

In this new IDC infobrief, sponsored by OVH, you will learn how to accelerate innovation with multicloud by understanding:

  • How datacentre operations are evolving toward multi-cloud strategies
  • The stepping stones of your multi-cloud journey
  • How to support multi-cloud datacentre transformation in your organisation

Face the technical challenges of tomorrow, today

Learn from Industry experts:

  • Scaling and digitally transforming businesses 
  • Predictions for the future of IT within Retail
  • Preparing for the future in a number of industries
  • How to do more with less, the real expectations of C-suite & IT executives.

June 2021
Virtual Event

New Article: How the Cloud will Democratise AI

Written by Rebecca Vickery, Data Scientist, Holiday Extras

June 2021
Virtual Event

New Report: UK Businesses increasingly use multiple cloud providers

Written by Phil Oakley, InformaTech


Pocket Healthcare: Power of the Cloud on Health

Technology is transforming the way we live, from the way we work right down to the way we order food. The transformative power of the web and associated technology is almost unparalleled: it's right up there with fire, or the wheel, in terms of the effect on society.

The Cloud & You: Finance, Money & Fintech

Looking back to 30 years ago, it is strange to think apps and websites for banks didn't exist. How, then, did millions of banking customers gain access to their accounts? How did people transfer funds? How long did it take people to send friends and family money?

The Cloud & You, Everyday: Shopping & E-Commerce

Every day the cloud is accessed by millions of people, whether it's being accessed through an iPhone or a work computer, playing music, streaming video or posting something on social media. We are living in the post-cloud-enabled world and there is no going back.

Four Keys to Unlocking Cloud Data Management

Rebecca outlines four keys to devise a cloud data management strategy that returns the most value and puts your data and metadata to work. Regardless of where your data is located, govern in a policy-driven manner using a holistic approach, automate tasks to ensure consistency, create a common software fabric to untether workloads for data mobility, and ensure protection of the data.

Mind the Backup Gap: Protecting Cloud Data in Office 365

Businesses are understandably looking for the agility and scalability of cloud-based applications, but in the rush to migrate for convenience and efficiency, the balance of responsibility for security and backup is also shifting and as such requires close examination. The balance of responsibility for security and backup may have changed, but the importance of protecting mission-critical data is as high, if not higher, than ever before.

Charting the Actual Cost of the Cloud in 2018

Over the next 12 to 24 months there will be a big change in how applications are built and designed. As companies look ahead to 2019 and where they should be investing in IT, cloud is bound to be on the agenda. But what do the latest cloud cost comparisons look like and who should be investing in cloud? How does cloud stack up against on-premise?

Interview with Michael Azoff, Ovum Analyst

Watch the interview we had at Cloud & DevOps World 2018 with Michael Azoff, Ovum Analyst. Michael delves into the world of Cloud, DevOps, 5G, IOT and much more. Find out what's to come in this year's event!