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  1. State of the Market: How to be a Truly Cloud Native Company and What Advantages Does it Bring?
  2. Who is Cloud Native for and What For, and How do you Get There?
  3. How do I get from Where I am Today to Where Netflix Is?
  4. New Disruptive Technology Outlook: Containers, Microservices, Unikernal, etc
  5. Security: A Changing Agenda, but always Top of the Agenda
  6. The Old meets the New Discussion: Cloud Across Web Scale & Legacy Enterprises
  7. Turning a CIO’s Attention to Lower Down in the Stack: Advancing Modern Application Management
  8. Looking at the Next Route to Cost & Efficiency Savings: From Virtualization to Containerization
  9. How to Start Building a Product with Elasticity and Flexibility in the Back of Your Mind?
  1. How to Build a Microservices Infrastructure
  2. How to Develop for Scale
  3. Stateless Architecture, How to Achieve Statelessness, the Pros and Cons of State
  4. Managing Multiple State Locations: Do you Want Everybody to Have One Data Storage?
  5. DevOps: You’ve Accepted the Chaos, Now See the Results. How do you do Monitoring?
  6. Unlocking the Unikernel
  7. Moving Away from Having a ‘IT Ops’ and a ‘Dev’ Side
  8. ‘Tools’ workshop – get up to speed with what’s out there for building on the Cloud
  9. Uncomplicated Approaches to APIs
  10. Frameworks Debate: Cloud Foundry, Deis, Open Shift?
  11. How to Prepare Code for Your Container Ready Production?
  12. How to Build the 12-Factor App
  1. Cloud Fear: Does it Still Exist within ‘Legacy’ Enterprises and If So, Why?
  2. Stop Looking for a Secret Ingredient: Security is Always a Concern but How to Manage it is Changing
  3. Delivering on the Docker Dream: How to Win Trust for New Technologies…and Open Source
  4. Container Networking & Security
  5. Cyber Security: How will Advancements in Cloud & Encryption Technology Help Protect My Business?
  6. Where to Run the Cloud from…What Effects Will it Have in the Future?
  7. Studying Legislative Road Blocks on Integration Points
  8. Moving protected data from internal cloud, hybrid cloud, public cloud: Understanding the break points on each of those
  9. Data & Compliance