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Douglas Nassaur

Lead Principal Technical Architect at Cloud Native Computing Foundation


I lead teams of very smart individuals driving strategy, architecture and standards toward the vision of cloud native computing. Establishing both strategic and tactical planning which align with emerging industry standards is where I spend a significant amount of time. 

Attending and speaking at conferences and industry forums helps me continue to absorb all I can in this domain (and realize how much more there is always to learn). Thanks to everyone across the companies and open source projects who share and exchange ideas regularly as we work together to move our cloud domain forward. Another part of my role is to coordinate with vendors and open source projects to establish proof of concept and pilot initiatives to illustrate the many and diverse concepts which comprise cloud native computing.

If you are interested in or are working actively in Cloud Native Computing or the supporting enablers of containerization, micro-services and the other key components which make them tick I would enjoy the opportunity to meet you. We are working hard to accelerate education and awareness of how these interchangeable and integratable components work together in a cloud native ecosystem and the more smart brains involved the better. 

We have to remember... you can't take software, send it to the gym each day, have it run three miles each night and put it on a gluten free diet and call it a micro-service. Likewise, containerizing software without applying architecture concepts which make them unique and valuable will not yield the return you expect. Realizing our goals will require both an abstracted application fabric and a complimentary and synchronized infrastructure fabric with separation of concerns much like air traffic control and ground control work together at the airport. Let's apply Eli Whitney's concepts of interchangeable parts and realize our goals of an open ecosystem enabled by marrying open source and company innovation.