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Key Sessions

Ahmed Kajoor

Keynote: Dubai Municipality IT transformation with new technologies and Cloud

Dubai Municipality

Kumar Prasoon

Keynote: Smart Cloud IoT Data Sovereignty

Safeer Group

Ahmed Askar

Keynote: Business Digital Transformation - How to secure future success of your business with digital transformation and Cloud as the enabler

Al Sahraa Holding Group

Dr. Mustafa H. Qurban

Keynote: The future of Cloud computing in healthcare

King Fahd Military Medical Complex (KFMMC)

Apr 09
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08:30 - 09:25 55 mins
Main agenda
Registration and Coffee
09:25 - 09:30 5 mins
Main agenda
Opening remarks from the Chair
  • Omid Mahboubi - Founder, Middle East North Africa Cloud Alliance (MENACA)
09:30 - 10:00 30 mins
Main agenda
Keynote: Dubai Municipality IT transformation with new technologies and Cloud
  • Ahmed Kajoor - IT Director, Dubai Municipality
  • Overview of new technologies for Dubai Municipality
  • Shifting to Cloud-based tools and systems
  • Current challenges and future outlook for Dubai Municipality
10:00 - 10:30 30 mins
Main agenda
Panel perspectives from across the MENA region: Real use cases of technology in digital cities
  • Panel moderator Dr. Imad Hoballah - Provost, American University in Dubai (AUD)
  • Hans Christensen - Director, Dubai Technology Entrepreneur Centre and Silicon Oasis Founders
  • Anshul Srivastav - CIO, Union Insurance
  • Jawad Abbassi - Head of MENA, Government & Regulatory Affairs , GSMA
  • Sheeba Hasnain - Head of IT Operations, Road & Transport Authority, Government of Sharjah
  • Building digital cities of the future on the Cloud: A perspective from the public sector
  • How the legislation is developing to host Cloud in the region
  • Offering public Cloud services to government and semi-government entities
  • Securing healthcare patient and education records in the Cloud
  • Securing the future of autonomous driving in smart cities with the help of technologies in the Cloud
  • What does AI in the Cloud offer to various verticals?
  • What’s the potential of block chain in the Cloud?
10:30 - 10:50 20 mins
Main agenda
How the Cloud of Things is empowering tenants in smart cities
  • Dr. Moataz Hassouna - CIO, Emaar Properties Egypt
10:50 - 11:10 20 mins
Main agenda
Cyber security and the Cloud: Securing digital workplaces in the Cloud
  • Jiju Gopinath - Vice President, IT Infrastructure and Information Security, KAMCO Investment Company
  • What are the latest Cloud cyber security threats and how to prepare for them in your company?
  • Data security vs. application security vs. network security
  • How can we increase the use of Cloud, keeping constant new security threats away?
  • Addressing cyber security at all organisational levels, from the new starters to the CEO
11:10 - 12:00 50 mins
Main agenda
12:00 - 12:30 30 mins
Main agenda
Panel: Managing data in the Cloud in the MENA region and outside
  • Andrew Fawcett - Senior Counsel, Al Tamimi & Company
  • Sebastian Samuel - CIO, AW Rostamani Group
  • Anand Sane - Head IT Infrastructure, Wall Street Exchange
  • What the local laws say about managing data in the Cloud – Latest updates
  • How the GDPR will affect the management of data outside the MENA region and how to prepare your Cloud for this
  • Case studies of how companies in Europe are dealing and preparing for the GDPR
  • Ensuring an organisation-wide readiness for the GDPR and new local laws
  • Benchmarking data protection to comply with laws in the region and outside, considering the GDPR and other data regulation
  • The key tips for Cloud implementation and management with regards to data regulation compliance
12:30 - 13:00 30 mins
Main agenda
Keynote: Smart Cloud IoT Data Sovereignty
  • Kumar Prasoon - Group Chief Information Officer, Safeer Group
  • The tremendous opportunity and a great challenge in creating market differentiation, attracting new and retaining high value customers
  • The potential of a large amount of historical data in many retail organisations which is not utilised
  • Identifying how retail organisations can leverage information adequately with the power of analytics
  • Understanding and using the Retail IOT Smart Cloud IoT Data Sovereignty framework
  • Delivering premier quality and process efficiency across your enterprise and creating a world-class business that can boast highest levels of customer satisfaction
13:00 - 13:20 20 mins
Main agenda
ERP Cloud vs. On Premise – where to go?
  • Firas Al Hilu - IT Director, GHC Group
  • Comparison between Cloud vs. On premise
  • Vendor comparison: Cloud vs. On premise deployment
  • TCO Comparison
  • What to choose: Cloud vs. On premise
  • My experience in FMCG and retail industries with the hybrid Cloud model
13:20 - 13:40 20 mins
Main agenda
CIO's recommendations for successful digital transformation with Cloud
  • Solayman Refae - CIO, Webcor Group
  • Success story of digital transformation from Webcor Group
  • CIO recommendations for transformation and change management
  • How to successfully transform with the help of Cloud and new technologies
  • What's next, after digital transformation?
13:40 - 14:30 50 mins
Main agenda


14:30 - 14:50 20 mins
Main agenda
Keynote: Business Digital Transformation - How to secure future success of your business with digital transformation and Cloud as the enabler
  • Ahmed Askar - Chief Digital and Information Officer, Al Sahraa Holding Group
  • Case study: Creating the digital plan and transforming the company over 18 months
  • Bringing road transport and logistics to a digital platform
  • Examples of how services that businesses provide to customers can change into digital
  • How Cloud is affecting the business within digital transformation
  • Why digital helps to improve the business as a whole and grow your market share
14:50 - 15:10 20 mins
Main agenda
Using Blockchain to solve issues in the logistics industry
  • Adam Lalani - Group Head of IT, Tristar Group of Companies
  • An overview of some of the problems faced
  • Disparate, disconnected systems
  • Challenges to implementation
  • The finished article
15:10 - 15:30 20 mins
Main agenda
Cloud in construction between Middle East and Europe
  • Ali Katkhada - Group Chief Information Officer, Depa Group
  • What is unique about the construction industry when it comes to Cloud
  • Application of Cloud concept in the construction Industry
  • What are the different countries’ legislations regarding Cloud
  • How the construction industry can optimise benefits from the Cloud concept
15:30 - 16:00 30 mins
Main agenda
Panel: How hybrid Cloud helped us in construction and real estate
  • Mubarik Hussain - Head of IT , Petroserv Limited
  • Mohammad Shahzad - Chief Information Officer, RDK Group
  • Dr. Moataz Hassouna - CIO, Emaar Properties Egypt
  • Considerations for private, public and hybrid cloud in the construction industry and real estate in MENA
  • Applications in the Cloud vs. data in the Cloud in MENA
  • ERP in the hybrid Cloud
  • Deciding what to put on the Cloud, and what not to
  • Building a local data centre - yes or no?
16:00 - 16:30 30 mins
Main agenda
16:30 - 16:50 20 mins
Main agenda
The usability of blockchain in the financial services sector
  • Mostafa Ebaid - Chief Information Officer, CI Capital
  • Overview of blockchain in the financial services sector (non-banking)
  • The power of blockchain in financial services
  • Blockchain use cases in financial services sector
  • The challenge of using blockchain
  • The future of blockchain in financial services
16:50 - 17:20 30 mins
Main agenda
Panel: The role of blockchain in securing transactions in the Cloud
  • Anand Sane - Head IT Infrastructure, Wall Street Exchange
  • Vishal Sood - Head of IT, Perma-Pipe Middle East
  • Eric Coetzee - Senior Systems Architect, Renascent Tech
  • Ashith Piriyttiath - Group Head of IT, AL Masah Capital
  • How are financial services hosted in the Cloud?
  • What are the security loop holes for the private Cloud, and how to address this?
  • What is blockchain offering to the banking and finance sector?
  • Blockchain case studies from other regions
17:20 - 17:50 30 mins
Main agenda
Panel: Using the Cloud properly and effectively in security sensitive industries
  • Tacis Gavoyannis - Head of Smart Cities and IoT, A.T. Kearney
  • How our industry has changed with the introduction of the Cloud
  • The best use cases of hybrid and private Cloud in healthcare
  • Patient management in a constant data gathering way and patient behavioural change with their data
  • Cloud data security and AI predictions
  • Addressing security through third-party solutions to add an extra layer of security against phishing and social engineering attacks
  • Examples from the GCC, UK and EU
17:50 - 18:20 30 mins
Main agenda
Keynote: The future of Cloud computing in healthcare
  • Dr. Mustafa H. Qurban - Consultant and CIO, King Fahd Military Medical Complex (KFMMC)
  •  Cloud computing opportunity and challenge
  •  Cloud computing successful implementation prerequisites
  •  Application of Cloud computing in healthcare
18:20 - 18:25 5 mins
Main agenda
Closing Remarks from the Chair
18:25 - 18:30 5 mins
Main agenda
End of the conference Day 1
18:30 - 21:30 180 mins
Main agenda


The Cloud MENA Awards will be held for the third time, to recognise and celebrate the best professionals, companies and partnerships in Cloud in the MENA region.  

The full list of categories and application form will be announced in early January 2018 so keep an eye on this space.