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Vishal Sood Head of IT at Perma-Pipe Middle East


Vishal’s career spans 22 years in IT infrastructure, ERP implementations & development. He currently heads the IT Division of an Oil and Gas US based conglomerate in MENA and Asia region. His domain experience spans Oil & Gas, Shipping, Process & Discrete Manufacturing and Retail. Vishal has won several distinguished awards including the CIO-100 award twice. He is an MBA in IT having specialized certifications in PMP®, ITIL®, Oracle and trained on Microsoft Azure Cloud Infrastructure Solutions as well as undergone Management programs. He participates in BlockChain related technology events and is an avid writer on the subject. Vishal heads the Finance function for CIO-MENA group, a non-profit group catering to the varied needs of CIOs in the MENA region.


We've recently spoken with Mr. Sood about the event and his views on the Cloud, here's what he shared with us:

  • What are you most looking forward to with regards to joining a panel and attending the Cloud MENA event in Dubai?

    “Cloud MENA offers a unique opportunity to rub shoulders with some of the world leaders in IT industry and this excites me to attend and be a part of the event in a meaningful way. I am particularly looking forward to doing networking with some of them and discuss various topics of interest.

    The Panel of the discussion about “Blockchain in Securing Transactions in the Cloud” comprises of esteemed IT leaders from Banking sector and it will provide a good opportunity to get their opinion and thoughts around this subject. Banking seems to one of the current favorites among Blockchain enthusiasts and techies. There are several use cases on Blockchain emanating from Banking industry off-late and it will be interesting to know how they will help re-shape this sector. “

  • What would you say are the greatest benefits from the Cloud and Cloud-based technologies, from your experience?

    “I strongly feel that Cloud has come to the rescue of IT industry at an opportune time. The last couple of decades have seen major ups and downs for IT across the world. Several world recessions had contributed to companies looking at IT as a cost than as a contributor to the bottom line and as an enabler.

    Cloud reverses that outlook and puts IT back at the forefront and decision makers are now increasingly looking at IT again as a technological advantage. This can be well judged from the new IT designations around Digital and Technology.

    Some of the key benefits are summarized here:

  • Increased flexibility in operations
  • Freedom from capital expenditure model
  • Very fast turnaround for new infrastructure or software projects
  • True mobility experience
  • Almost all features & capabilities available on Cloud
  • Facilitates distributed offices and workings in various time zones and regions
  • With benefits comes caution too. Banking demands one of the most secure environments and Cloud technology needs to prove that Security is ingrained inside Cloud architecture, and not just pasted on the edges. "
  • You will be joining a panel on the topic of "The role of Blockchain in securing transactions in the Cloud" - what is your view of Blockchain and how can it help organizations?
    “In my view, Blockchain is the most revolutionary technology to have emerged in the IT landscape, probably after the Internet. Even after few years of Blockchain being around, novices and experts combined are still coming to terms with the vast potential offered by Blockchain across all domains and industries.

    As with any new technology, a lot of experiments, test and use cases are currently underway and they will help shape the way world sees and uses Blockchain in daily life.

    The future surely belongs to Blockchain. Everyone will one way or the other fall in love with this technology. “

  • How important is Cloud to the manufacturing and oil & gas industries?

“Cloud is extremely important to Manufacturing & Oil & Gas industries, since they are among the most capital-intensive industries across all domains. Investments into IT are increasingly considered secondary and IT is always expected to deliver more with shrinking budgets.

At difficult times of recession, Oil & Gas industries take most time to enter and come out of the recession. This leads to quite a lot of strain on capital expenditure in IT and often IT Departments are unable to keep pace with the new and emerging technologies for want of budgets.

Going the Cloud route completely eliminates the strain, since IT can adopt new technologies or upgrade infrastructure without the need for costly capital expenditure. From testing proof of concept to production deployment can be done at a fraction of the cost of buying new hardware or software licenses. Companies can choose to rent Cloud services for shorter or longer period of times, and still have the flexibility to pause usage at the click of a button and optimize rental plans. This offers un-paralleled flexibility to IT teams making them truly agile and leaner at the same time. 

No other technology in the recent past has been able to offer such broad spectrum of offerings, at such lower entry points.

Cloud has been growing and will surely grow further in the coming months and years and does look to stay around for a good enough time. We couldn’t have asked for anything better. “


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