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May 14
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9:30am - 5:00pm 450 mins
Workshop: AI for the Internet of Things
Workshop: AI for the Internet of Things
  • Speaker Ajit Joaker - Director at AI for Smart cities lab, UPM Madrid

imed at technology conversant executives and senior managers, this workshop explores AI and how it should be applied to IoT. The workshop takes a use case driven approach i.e. examples of how AI is being applied for IoT datasets and how processes and value chains could change as a result of doing so


What is Machine Learning, Deep Learning and AI

Understanding is IoT from a Data Science perspective

The end to end flow of data for an IoT application

The role of AI and Machine Learning in IoT

Digital Twin and AI

 Data Science for IoT – A black box approach 

  • Taking a black box approach 
  • What is the current state of the art of prediction?
  • Core elements: time series and image detection
  • Deep learning applied to IoT: LSTMs modelling
  • Time series analysis (mono and Multivariate)

 Technical Considerations for AI and IoT 

Feature engineering for IoT datasets

Edge computing

Complex event processing

Streaming analytics

 Problem solving for IoT 

Overview of the problem solving approach

An end to end problem solving approach for AI and IoT problems

Deployment considerations 

Data Ingestion requirements and a comparision of Data ingestion frameworks

Example: IoT Data ingestion with Kafka

Architecture concepts and tools (lambda, edge, nosql, streaming, data lake, etc.)

Deployment considerations: DevOps in DSIOT, microservices, containers, etc.

Distributed models

Hardware acceleration

Implementation use cases 

Consumer IoT vs. Industrial IoT

Industrial IoT

Enterprise AI

Location: Grand Ballroom D

9:30am - 5:00pm 450 mins
Focus Day: IoT in the Channel
Focus Day: IoT in the Channel

Channel Partners understand how to get sensor hardware into customer sites; link it using a variety of connectivity options; and then help collect, store, secure and analyze massive amounts of data. In this workshop, we’ll present a master class on working with partners to get real-world results with IoT.

Location: Grand Ballroom E

9:30am - 5:00pm 450 mins
Developers: Eclipse IoT Day
Developers: Eclipse IoT Day
  • Benjamin Cabé - Enthusiast and Evangelist, Eclipse Foundation

Eclipse IoT, a working group hosted at the Eclipse Foundation, is the world's leading open source community and industry collaboration focusing on the Internet of Things, providing open source technologies, stacks, and test beds for Industrial IoT. The working group is hosting the Eclipse IoT Day on May 14, co-located with IoT World 2018. The one-day event is all about open source and open standards for building IoT solutions. Attendees will learn about the software needed to build devices, gateways, and IoT cloud platforms.

Workshop Website

Location: Grand Ballroom G

9:30am - 5:00pm 450 mins
Focus Day: IoT Saving Lives - IoT for the First Responder
Focus Day: IoT Saving Lives - IoT for the First Responder

Take a look into the vast array of IoT that interfaces with public safety operations, including smart devices, applications, smart cities, virtual reality, artificial intelligence, GIS, LMR, enhanced PTT over LTE, enhanced location services, cloud computing and cyber security. Also, examine how FirstNet will interact with the IoT environment to support public safety and discuss the operational requirements and considerations for public safety agencies as they implement IoT sensors and devices.

Location: Grand Ballroom B

9:30am - 5:00pm 450 mins
Kairos Startups: Founders' Day
Kairos Startups: Founders' Day

An exclusive day for founders to network with their peers and meet investors. Investors, startup accelerators, and successful entrepreneurs will share their experiences and deliver actionable advice on how to maximize a startup’s success. Invitation to attend included in the Project Kairos Startup Pack.

Location: Grand Ballroom F

9:30am - 5:00pm 450 mins
Training: Blockchain: Technology & Applications
Training: Blockchain: Technology & Applications
  • Warwick Chapman - CTO, Telecoms & Tech Academy


The invention of the blockchain is democratising trust by creating open, distributed databases where consensus is the product of the decentralised participation of nodes anywhere on the Internet.

This workshop takes a high-level look at the concept of a blockchain, explores in detail how a blockchain works to provide the trust at the heart of a digital ledger in the case of a digital currency, considers the introduction of smart contracts as an innovation on the blockchain and explores a diverse set of real-world scenarios where blockchain and smart contract adoption is being explored. Finally, the leading commercially applicable blockchain platforms and possible applications thereof are explored.


  • Attending this course will empower you to develop or be able to:
  • Effectively engage with the concept of a blockchain and the disruptive potential thereof
  • Consider the blockchain as a distributed ledger behind a digital currency like Bitcoin
  • Understand the role of cryptography in securing blockchain implementation
  • Effectively discuss and debate the blockchain and its disruptive potential in the context of your organisation and industry
  • Explore several real-world scenarios where blockchains, smart contracts or other technology derived from blockchains is being explored or has already been implemented
  • Consider the leading commercial blockchain solutions and be able to select and motivate for the platform most applicable to your industry and organisation
  • Consider the introduction of a blockchain project in your organisation to empower your teams to better explore the disruptive potential

Location: Grand Ballroom C

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