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Day 2: Thursday 16 May 2019
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8:30am - 9:30am 60 mins
Registration, Exhibition & Welcome Coffee
9:30am - 9:40am 10 mins
Chairperson’s Opening Remarks
9:40am - 10:05am 25 mins
The Global Nature of Autonomous Driving Innovation
  • Speaker Paul Asel - Managing Partner, NGP Capital

Autonomous driving has received much attention globally. Here we explore how innovation globally will impact the nature of autonomous driving.

  • Ge to grips with China’s push for global leadership in autonomous driving technology
  • Grapple with a variety of autonomous driving applications based on local market needs in Japan, South America and elsewhere
  • Delve into the role of regulation in adoption of autonomous driving and how nations with lower regulatory hurdles could accelerate adoption


10:05am - 10:35am 30 mins
Marketing a Machine

Whilst machines may take over driving, there will still be a human who needs to use and trust the vehicle and, for now at least, a human that needs to market this technology’s attributes.

  • Safety Sells! But what other aspects of ADAS are sellable to consumers e.g. lower insurance premiums to help increase adoption rates – they do not!
  • Get inside the mind of the consumer to understand what their doubts over ADAS and autonomous technologies really are and what you can do to allay these fears
  • Debate the need to standardize ADAS features to enhance the familiarity and affordance values of system controls, generating trust with the user
10:35am - 11:00am 25 mins
AI for AVs: Training Robocars to Think

From testing to real-time processing & decision making, AI has a massive role to play in autonomous driving. Learn how to harness AI development.

  • Apply deep learning & AI to reduce the development time of ADAS systems, through e.g. simulation at the R&D stage
  • Develop and standardize learning algorithms across the industry for AI and Machine Learning. Which parties will drive key initiatives to accomplish this?
  • Complete the AV “driving” experience! Explore developments in AI powered UX, incl. personal assistants, & the best applications in the auto context

11:00am - 11:30am 30 mins
Networking Coffee Break & Exhibition
11:30am - 12:00pm 30 mins
Putting AV Tech to the Test

Public road testing, virtual testing, simulation, embedded software testing, safety and crash testing…. There are now a multitude of test bases for ADAS and self-driving vehicle platforms.

• Explore the differences between validation of autonomous vehicles and validation of ADAS systems.

• Discuss the challenge in testing the sheer number of possible scenarios that an autonomous vehicle could face. Learn advantages of possible solutions incl. applying AI to testing

• Consider how data collected from test cars and digital simulation can be applied in the design process. Debate the need for a technical data consortium to share anonymized test data

12:00pm - 12:20pm 20 mins
Mapping An Autonomous World

Autonomous vehicles require highly accurate, up-to-date maps for a safe and smooth driving experience. Explore how AVs can access real-time maps with minimal latency.

  • Grid modelling, feature mapping, HD mapping; evaluate the attributes of the latest mapping solutions to focus in on the technology that meets your mapping needs
  • Enhance interoperability between sensor data and mapping through heightened in-vehicle computation to create the required data for Simultaneous Localization and Mapping
  • Analyze how to deliver the highly accurate, up-to-date maps needed for autonomy - accessible with minimal latency - through e.g. fast-cycle HD mapping systems
12:20pm - 12:40pm 20 mins
Edge Cases and Autonomous Vehicles Safety

Understand why edge cases will become more and more important among emerging players

12:40pm - 2:10pm 90 mins
Lunch, Exhibition & Networking
2:10pm - 2:30pm 20 mins
Autonomous Fleets: How Cross-Industry Collaboration on Autonomous Fleets for New Urban Logistics can Increase Safety, Efficiency and Reduce Cost
2:30pm - 2:50pm 20 mins
Case Study: First Group and The State of California

The autonomous vehicles is a fragmented space and customer adoption is slow but First Group works with local cities and municipalities on how to incorporate AV’s

2:50pm - 3:20pm 30 mins
Networking Coffee Break & Exhibition
3:20pm - 3:50pm 30 mins
Cyber Security for Autonomous Vehicles

Neural networks are becoming ubiquitous in solving the perception problems in ADAS and self-driving cars. In addition to the classical use of the neural networks for sign recognition, they are increasingly used in other areas, such as semantic segmentation, traffic lane recognition, etc.

  •  Understand how neural networks can be fooled by adversarial images and get to grips with different types of images
  • Learn what are the adversarial images that may present a serious security threat for self-driving cars e.g can be used to hide/create obstacles, change traffic direction, falsify speed limits, forge priorities at intersections, block/open path options, cause object misclassification

Find out how these adversarial images can be easily manufactured, why these attacks pose a new type of security threats and cannot be caught by traditional cybersecurity methods

3:50pm - 4:10pm 20 mins
AV’s Legislation

Law makers and local authorities have a make-or-break role in the testing and roll-out of AV. This session will discuss current and upcoming regulation.

  • Get to grips with regulation and understand how it impacts the deployment of AV’s
  • Learn what ADAS features are becoming required by upcoming regulation and how they could help with AV feature development
  • Understand policies for regulating self-driving cars and how it will affect your business
4:10pm - 5:15pm 65 mins
End of Conference