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May 16
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9:00am - 9:20am 20 mins
Chairs Welcome and Opening Remarks
  • Eric Totaro - Senior Automotive Analyst, Euromonitor

Location: Grand Ballroom F

9:20am - 9:40am 20 mins
Mobility as a User Enterprise
  • Amer Akhtar - COO and Head of US, XPT, a division of NIO

Who will be left behind? The trend from product sales to mobility-as-a-service will present significant opportunities for auto industry disruption from non-traditional players such as Tesla, NIO and Uber over the next decade.

  • Transition from Product to Service Model. Certain factors, such as user demand shift, government intervention, technology over manufacturing prowess, electrification and autonomous drive systems have led a change in mobility opportunities.

  • Prioritized Markets. All markets are not created equal. A geographic focused approach will define the best product to market fit. One must consider trends such as urbanization, sustainability, and a government's declared intention to address mobility requirements.

  • Novel Business Models. Mobility-as-a-service transcends traditional product sales. The ingredients for a fully formed strategy may include car share, ride share, delivery services and power-as-a-service, to name a few.

Location: Grand Ballroom F

9:40am - 10:00am 20 mins
Addressing Safety and Security within the transition of from POC to Production for Highly Automated Vehicles
  • Chuck Brokish - Director of Automotive Business Development, Green Hills Software

There is an abundance of news about highly automated vehicles on our roads, and increasing concern over safety of these vehicles. These test vehicles lack the purpose-build safety and security required for production deployment. In this talk, we will review existing techniques to address closing the gap in the transition from test vehicles to production vehicles

Location: Grand Ballroom F

10:00am - 10:40am 40 mins
Disrupt or Be Disrupted - Auto Tech Investment Panel
  • Moderator Donald Light - Director, North America Property/Casualty Practice, Celent
  • Panelist Dennis Liu - Associate Director – Global Strategy & Business Development, Ford Motor Company
  • Panelist Azita Arvani - Head of Innovation Partner & Venture Mgmt, Nokia
  • Panelist Anil Rachakonda - Director, Co-pace Startup Program, Continental Corporation

The automotive start-up scene, symbolized by the Silicon Valley, is booming. But how can you spot the unicorn that will disrupt the space beyond recognition?

  • Bridge the gap between the different lifecycles of auto (slow) & start-up (fast) to invest/incubate effectively and capitalize on the next biggest disruptive tech
  • Incorporate start-ups into your growth strategy by distinguishing which innovative concepts you want to integrate and which tech. resources can fill a gap in your current product suite
  • OEMs and their partners are taking start-up gambles - identify the investment trends to decipher the: Who, what, why?

Location: Grand Ballroom F

10:40am - 11:40am 60 mins
Networking Break
11:40am - 12:00pm 20 mins
Fireside Chat: Can Local Governments Really Innovate?
  • Moderator Scott Belcher - President, SFB Consulting
  • Speaker Randell Iwasaki - Executive Director, Contrac Costa Transportation Authority

Join Scott Belcher, former CEO of both ITS America and the Telecommunications Industry Association, as he discusses government innovation with Randy Iwasaki, Executive Director of the Contra Costa Transportation Authority and former Director of Caltrans.

  • Hear how Randy has been able to innovate at both large and small public agencies and survive to talk about it
  • Learn how you can get the public agencies that you are working with to take risks and innovate
  • Hear how GoMentum Station has been able to compete with other more generously funded U.S. DOT Designated Proving Ground Pilot Sites for autonomous vehicles

Location: Grand Ballroom F

12:00pm - 12:20pm 20 mins
Re-Defining Automotive Luxury
  • Francesco Zappacosta - Managing Director, Pagani Automobili

Auto tech innovation usually trickled down from premium segments. Connected cars disrupted that model. Autonomy and shared mobility may catch out luxury OEMs again, unless they re-define themselves and their customer experience.

  • Understand the opportunities to transform automotive luxury beyond features and technologies, and into new experiences as part of the mobility world
  • Watch video interviews with premium and luxury car buyers, and what matters to them (and what doesn’t) when choosing a brand or model
  • Hear first-hand from the big names in the luxury auto market on their visions for future driving luxury

Location: Grand Ballroom F

12:20pm - 12:40pm 20 mins
TomTom Maps the Road to Autonomous Driving
  • Paul Hohos - Managing Director, TomTom Automotive North America
  • Delve into Map Making, Maintenance and Delivery
  • Get to grips with the role of HD maps for autonomous driving

Location: Grand Ballroom F

12:40pm - 1:40pm 60 mins
Lunch & Networking Break
1:40pm - 2:00pm 20 mins
Successfully Commercializing Connected Commercial Vehicles
  • Fredrik Callenryd - Head of Strategies & Product planning for Connected Services, Scania
  • Get to grips with tow to successfully monetize a connected product and build a successful eco system around commercial vehicles
  • Discover the journey of one of the leading commercial OEMs from telematics for the selected few to services for all vehicle users

Location: Grand Ballroom F

2:00pm - 2:20pm 20 mins
Machine Learning In Manufacturing For A More Reliable Car
  • Michael Schuldenfrei - Corporate Technology Fellow, Optimal+
  • The increase of electronic components in cars is also causing a significant increase in failures and recalls
  • The electronics industry needs to find innovative ways to analyze these failures and prevent them from happening
  • We will show how connecting companies along the value chain and applying machine learning to the data can have a dramatic impact

Location: Grand Ballroom F

2:20pm - 3:00pm 40 mins
The Connected car and IoT. How Linking Telematics and IoT Drives Exceptional Customer Experiences.
  • Panelist Steve London - Senior Manager, Business Development, Global Connected Consumer, General Motors
  • Panelist Brian Bachofner - Chief Marketing Officer, Map Anything
  • Panelist Charlie Isaacs - CTO for Customer Connection, Salesforce
  • Moderator Blake Morgan - Customer Experience Futurist, Author of "More Is More"
  • Join our distinguished panel of experts as they share how leading enterprises are leveraging IoT device data combined with connected vehicle telemetry to identity issues as they occur while streamlining core business processes in real time.
  • Leverage digital transformation to drive customer experiences and engagement and those looking to the cloud and CRM based platforms to enable change.

Location: Grand Ballroom F

3:00pm - 4:00pm 60 mins
Networking Break
4:00pm - 4:40pm 40 mins
Smart Cities and the Autonomous Vehicle
  • Moderator Mike Harrigan - Senior Program Manager, PSV
  • Panelist Ryan Snyder - Principal, Transpogroup
  • Panelist Cletus Nunes - Director of Sales, Octo Telematics North America
  • Panelist Peter Kozinski - Director - RoadX Program, Colorado Department of Transportation
  • Panelist Magnus Gunnarsson - Head of Strategy, Portfolio and Business Development, Ericsson

The development of smart cities is still nascent. However, their development relies on the full cooperation of all players involved from city planning to automakers.

  • Discuss the planning and infrastructure needs for enabling urban autonomous vehicles (i.e. designated lanes, parking, drop offs etc.)
  • Keep unnecessary vehicles off the street by utilizing big data analytics to coordinate traffic, reduce congestions and emissions on a city wide scale
  • One platform to enable it all: Understand the fundamental need for interoperability between all parties not just automotive. But whose responsibility will it be?

Location: Grand Ballroom F

4:40pm - 5:00pm 20 mins
Fireside Chat: The Global Implications of GDPR
  • Moderator Gail Gottehrer - Partner, Akerman
  • Speaker Amie Taal - CEO & Founder, Stratagem Tech Solutions

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will be applied across the European Union on May 25th 2018. However, this European legislation has considerable global implications. What does this mean for the data heavy automotive space?  

  • Privacy by design - get to grips with the considerable vendor risk around data privacy. Can you guarantee the security design of all your components? 
  • As artificial intelligence continues expediting processes, discuss how GDPR will cope with innovation and automation 
  • Understand the evolution of data subject rights under GDPR. How will this be applied to data incoming  from the vehicle? How will this legislation effect the US market?

Location: Grand Ballroom F

5:00pm - 5:20pm 20 mins
ADASMark: Evaluating the Performance of ADAS Heterogeneous Compute Architectures
  • Peter Torelli - President, CTO, EEMBC

The sudden popularity of ADAS has driven a surge of demand for high-performance CPU and GPU hardware in automobiles, creating problems for Tier 1 manufacturers and OEMs. 

  • What is the best way to balance cost and design complexity against this enormous need for compute power never before seen in conventional cars?
  • Discuss how to provide benchmarks and analysis tools for systems like these, and analyze the ubiquitous ADAS task: real-time image classification.
  • Get to grips with image processing and CNN classification elements which can be arranged in a directed acyclic graph (DAG) to characterize the performance of heterogeneous architectures seen in many ADAS platforms

Location: Grand Ballroom F

5:20pm - 5:40pm 20 mins
Vehicles and Edge Computing: Processing Power And Algorithms
  • Bhaskar Krishnamachari - Professor, Electrical Engineering, USC

Autonomous vehicles (level 5) will produce a phenomenal amount of data. The industry needs to find the best ways of storing, processing and analyzing these data sets.

  • On Board vs Edge vs Cloud -Debate where the processing should happen and work out where each data sets need to be stored in order of importance
  • Develop algorithms to overcome distortion of perception for both inside(i.e. facial recognition) and outside the vehicle (i.e. overcoming weather distortion)
  • How can we reduce the cost of chips? Overcome the cost barrier by creating a cost effective chip sets which meets the needs of the autonomous vehicle

Location: Grand Ballroom F

5:40pm - 6:40pm 60 mins
Connected & Autonomous Vehicles Networking Party