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Key Sessions

Kuldeep Chowhan

Why Serverless Computing?


Apr 17
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12:00pm - 1:00pm 60 mins
1:00pm - 1:05pm 5 mins
Serverless Summit
1:05pm - 1:55pm 50 mins
Serverless Summit
Why Serverless Computing?
  • Kuldeep Chowhan - Cloud Architect & Cloud Evangelist, Expedia
  • Why someone would use Serverless Computing?
  • How Serverless Computing has helped simplify Cloud Programming?
  • Benefits and Limitations of Serverless Computing
  • Opportunities for Serverless Computing Platforms
2:00pm - 2:50pm 50 mins
Serverless Summit
Working with Serverless and Traditional Applications
2:55pm - 3:45pm 50 mins
Serverless Summit
Mobile Serverless Backend as a Service
  • Marek Sadowski - Developer Advocate, IBM

So you've been hearing a lot of buzz about Serverless tech in conjunction with Mobile, but what exactly is the serverless or cloud functions? Come find out at this session. Serverless has become the new style of coding, and it might be perfect to offload your mobile apps without incurring unnecessary costs. Get an intro into serverless/function-as-a-service/cloud functions technologies in the Mobile-Backend-as-a-Service (MBaaS) context and learn why startups and enterprises are so excited about using it. We will be demoing Serverless in Swift and iOS, and in Java for Android, and covering the following: - Who are the players  in the serverless ecosystem - What are some use cases for serverless solutions - with MBaaS as one of them - Best practices for the serverless architecture for MBaaS - If going serverless is really faster, better, cheaper for developers and organizations - Live coding examples using Swift and Java.

3:50pm - 4:40pm 50 mins
Serverless Summit
Knative vs. OpenFaaS: Functions on Kubernetes
  • Carson Anderson - Cloud Ops Engineer, Domo

The writing is on the wall: Serverless and Functions as a Service (FaaS) are coming. Developers are ready to stop worrying about infrastructure entirely and just write code. The big issue with most of the serverless and FaaS platforms is the fear of lock-in: The big clouds make big promises but sometimes you just need to have options. That is where Kubernetes comes in, Kubernetes can be used as the common platform on which your FaaS or serverless stacks can run, giving you many of the advantages without the lock-in. With that in mind, we will compare two of the more popular toolkits for running Functions on Kubernetes: Knative and OpenFaaS. Come find out which (if either) of these platforms may be right for you.

4:40pm - 5:30pm 50 mins
Serverless Summit
DevOps in a Serverless World