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Browse the Award Categories below and use the links to submit your entry online.

Submit your entry before the 2nd July 2018. All Winners will be announced at the awards ceremony on 14th October in Cannes.

Entries information

Please note that entries* are £320 + VAT or £270 + VAT when you submit 3 entries or more. Payment must be made before we submit your entry to the judges.

Entry forms should be submitted before 11:59 GMT on 2nd July 2018. We will announce the shortlist in August and the winners will be revealed at the Awards Ceremony, taking place on 14th October. Full terms and conditions can be viewed here.

*Categories 14 (Lifetime Achievement Award) and 16 (Contribution to Content Award) which are for individuals, are free of charge.


Advanced TV Innovation of the Year

Technologies that change the way people use and view TV are immensely powerful tools for TV operators and content providers as well as for consumers themselves. The Advanced TV Innovation award will go to a technology or service that has delivered a new and better form of TV experience – whether by enabling viewers to view content in new ways, by overcoming a technical or commercial challenge in bringing new services to market or delivering a measurable improvement in the overall quality of a service.

*NEW* TV Brand of the Year

With on-demand viewing successfully competing with the linear TV schedule for attention of new generation of video consumers, content providers and distributors need to find ways to win and retain the loyalty of viewers. In this emerging landscape, strong brands are becoming more valuable than ever. The Brand of the Year award recognises an outstanding brand that cuts through the clutter and matches content with its intended audience.

Next Gen Advertising Award

With linear TV viewing facing a long-term decline, the lifeblood of free TV – advertising – is under threat. But broadcasters and brands are working hard to experiment with and deploy targeting, personalisation, branded content and interactive campaigns. The Next Gen Advertising Award goes to the most outstanding advertising or marketing innovation that is helping to reinvent advertising for the digital age.

*NEW* TV Sales Team of the Year

With so many programmes on the market, just having a great show isn’t enough to cut through. This award celebrates the most innovative and creative strategies distribution companies have dreamt up to present their content to the international market.

OTT TV Service of the Year

OTT services are now providing compelling user experiences that are giving traditional pay TV a run for its money. With the OTT TV Service of the Year award, we recognise the hottest and most innovative cloud TV service in the last 12 months.

Series Launch of the Year

As channels seek to stand out from the crowd with original programming and big-ticket acquisitions, often launching across several territories at once, we award the series that launched with the most buzz and which created the greatest ratings, marketing and social media impact.

OTT TV Technology of the Year

The cloud, CDNs, IP, adaptive bit-rate encoding, the UX, live-streaming, TV Everywhere. The technological complexity of delivering a compelling, secure, high-value OTT TV service can be overwhelming. This award recognises a technology or technical innovation that has helped solve some of the key problems associated with OTT delivery or has made a great experience even more attractive to consumers.

Breakout International Drama

As the golden age of drama continues, we recognise the scripted series that has created the greatest impact around the world.

*NEW* TV App of the Year

The big screen in the living room no longer stands alone. For some, it is no longer even the primary viewing device. More and more people want to view content on smartphones, and TV operators and broadcasters need to provide a compelling experience whatever the size of the screen. At the same time viewers are looking to their smartphones and other devices for content to complement the big screen experience. The TV App of the Year award pays tribute to the most innovative, intuitive and compelling experience on a smartphone, tablet or streaming device.

Entertainment Format of the Year

Broadcasters still want big entertainment shows for their primetime schedules. Which format cut through in the last year to become a global success? Whether a shiny-floor entertainment show, a structured reality hit, a gameshow or an ob-doc that got remade in local markets, what was the standout international format of the past 12 months?

*NEW* The Social Media Award

Engaging with young audiences is a huge challenge for broadcasters and content providers. Social media platforms are the new frontier for TV marketing and, increasingly, distributing content. The Social Media Award will go to the most innovative use of social networks as a vehicle for TV over the last year.

Factual TV Project of the Year

What was the outstanding international factual project of the last twelve months? Which show worked at home and then became a hit in international markets, which project was the most talked about?

The UX Award

With content now coming from multiple sources, intuitive and appealing tools to navigate and discover it are increasingly at a premium – to broadcasters and service providers seeking to differentiate their offerings and promote content, and to consumers in need of help to navigate a bewildering array of choices. The UX Award goes to the most compelling innovation in the TV user experience of the past year.

Lifetime Achievement Award

Success is hard-won in the TV world. Repeated success is even harder. The Lifetime Achievement Award recognises an outstanding individual who has achieved the rare distinction of delivering, inspiring or executing innovation time and again over the course of their career.

The YouTube Award

Winning the loyalty of Millennials and digital natives is the challenge currently preoccupying the TV world more than any other. The YouTube Award will go to a company or organisation that has successfully gained – and retained – the attention of the digital generation through a YouTube-delivered service or content.

*NEW* Contribution to Content Award

This special award recognises one executive who has made their mark on the TV landscape, whether in the field of production, distribution, technology, or in any other innovative field.

Virtual Reality Initiative of the Year

Virtual Reality – and now, augmented reality – is a technology with the potential to radically alter the meaning of video entertainment. VR and AR hold the potential to deliver and transform video consumption by immersing the viewer and making content something that is experienced rather than simply watched. This award will go to a ground-breaking initiative that has brought Virtual Reality or Augmented Reality video closer to becoming a part of the entertainment experience.

*NEW* Content Partnership of the Year

With more industry actors than ever now involved in single TV projects, we celebrate the partnerships that have been most successful in either achieving ratings, top sales or delivering a creative product.

*NEW* Live-streaming Initiative of the Year

Live-streaming of big-ticket sports fixtures and concerts as well as smaller-scale live events is now big business. Content rights-holders are increasingly looking to deliver broadcast-quality live experiences over IP to smartphones, tablets, PCs and internet-connected TVs, but there are challenges. This award honours an initiative that breaks new ground in bringing live-streaming to a new generation of video consumers.

*NEW* Best Digital Original

Original programming from digital services has changed the world of content forever. We honour the digital original show with the biggest impact in the past year, and the people who made it.

*NEW* Best Channel Innovation

With Millennials consuming everything when, where and how they want, the received wisdom is that the TV channel is a vehicle whose time has passed. In fact, channels remain a lynchpin of the distribution business. And channel operators are not standing still – they are innovating with new content, new features and new formats. This award will go the company that has demonstrated the most exciting reinvention or remodeling of the TV channel concept to make it fit for the digital age.