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Content Innovation Awards
18 October 2023
Palais des Festivals, Cannes, France
18 October 2023
Palais des Festivals, Cannes, France

The Award Categories

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The 2023 Awards are now closed for entry.

2023 Categories

Please note categories marked with an *  are awarded to individuals and there is no charge. 

Entries are £349 + 20% VAT each or £309 + 20% VAT each when you submit 3 entries or more (excluding the individual awards)

Best Animated Kids Programme

Children’s programming is enjoying a renaissance. What were the top animated titles and formats that broke through in the past 12 months? These are shows that either enjoyed widespread domestic success, or made an impact internationally with sales across the board.

Best Live Action Kids Programme

TBI celebrates the top live-action children’s shows that have broken through in the past 12 months across both linear broadcasters and streaming platforms.

NEW: Best Live Action Kids Drama

Success in kids scripted TV is hard won, but the best shows can fuel discussion across a generation. We salute those successes. 

NEW: Multi-brand FAST Channel of the Year

Competition in FAST is soaring, meaning curation, scheduling and marketing has never been so important in cutting through the noise. Our judges pick out which channel offering multiple shows has done this the most effectively.  

NEW: Single-brand FAST Channel of the Year

Strong show brands have the power to entice viewers and propel IP to new heights. We salute the best performing single IP FAST channel. 

NEW: The Representation & Inclusion Award - Scripted

This award highlights a show, company or individual who is making an outstanding contribution to improving on-screen and/or off-screen representation of LGBTQIA+, race, ethnicity, and/or disability within scripted TV.  

NEW: The Representation & Inclusion Award - Unscripted

Unscripted TV has made strides to become more representative, but which show, industry initiative or ingenious solution has ensured DEI is taken to a broader level? This award salutes those who are making the content industry a more representative, fairer and better place. 

NEW: Best True Crime Series

Few genres have boomed like true crime, but which shows are leading the charge? TBI celebrates the very best programming available, exploring how the treatment, execution and reception have resulted in a hit. 

NEW: Best New Scripted Series Based on a True Story

‘Based on a true story’ can be a hugely powerful tool in cutting through, but the process of basing a scripted series on real events or people can be a challenging process. We honour the breakout series that have managed to do this and created the greatest impact around the world.

NEW: Best New Scripted Series Non-English Language

Language is no barrier to a show cutting through on a global basis, but which scripted series has done this to the greatest effect, breaking barriers and engaging audiences all at once?

Best New Scripted Series

Scripted series have again dominated many of the headlines over the past year and with this Award we honour the breakout series that has created the greatest impact around the world.

Best Returning Scripted Series

This award will go to a popular ongoing series that has shown great accomplishment across broadcast or streaming platforms this year.

Best Documentary Series

The future is factual, that much is clear. Streaming services and cable channels have upped the ante when it comes to multi-part factual series. TBI honours the programmes that have raised the bar in their execution, storytelling and/or access.

Best Documentary

What was the outstanding documentary that had the most international impact over the last 12 months? We celebrate the shows that worked at home and then became a hit globally, sparking conversation around the world.

Best Short-Form Series

With new platforms opening up to cater specifically to short-form programming, and traditional players catching up with short-form commissioning of their own, this award recognises breakthrough content that is 15 minutes or less in length per episode.

The Sustainability & Innovation Award

This category highlights an individual or company who has provided an outstanding next-generation solution to improve the way content is made. Whether embracing new tech to get a show delivered or introducing new work practices to reduce the environmental impact, this award honours those whose perseverance has inspired the industry.

Series Launch of the Year

As industry players seek to stand out from the crowd with original programming and big-ticket acquisitions, often launching across several territories at once, we award the series that launched with the most buzz and which created the greatest ratings, marketing, and social media impact.

Competition Show of the Year

This award acknowledges the creative prowess and production expertise that go into delivering shows that offer emotional engagement, entertainment and excitement for audiences.

Entertainment Format of the Year

Did your company's format cut through in the last year to become a global success? Whether a shiny-floor entertainment show, a structured reality hit or a gameshow that got remade in local markets, what was the standout international entertainment format of the past 12 months?

Factual Entertainment Programme of the Year

From the best-structured reality hits to observational documentary successes, what was the standout factual entertainment programme of the past 12 months?

Reality Show of the Year

TBI honours the new wave of reality programming gracing our screens across all mediums, ranging from re-worked classics to completely new ideas that offer entertainment and insights to all generations of viewers.

Distribution Innovation

Does your distribution business employ a unique strategy that is cutting through and winning buyers over? Have you created a new financing model to power programming or leveraged technology to seal deals? TBI pays tribute to a distribution outfit raising the bar for what’s possible in the field.

Excellence in TV Award*

Success is hard-won in the TV world. Repeated success is even harder. The Excellence in TV Award recognises an outstanding individual who has achieved the rare distinction of delivering, inspiring, or executing innovation time and again over the course of their career to date.

Outstanding Contribution to Content*

This special award recognises an executive who has made their mark on the content landscape across a specific area of expertise - from production and distribution to commissioning or technology - leaving the business in a better place because of their work.

Rising Star Award*

Do you have a hot shot in your company who always delivers, coming up with the innovations and ideas that keep your business buzzing? This is an opportunity to recognise those individuals – some of whom may just be starting their TV careers – who are set for the top.