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5G Ecosystem Digital Symposium
October 19 & 21, 2020
Digital Symposium

October 19 & 21, 2020
Digital Symposium

The Next wave of 5G and Private Mobile Networks

A free 2-day digital symposium led by Gabriel Brown, Principal Analyst, Mobile Networks and 5G, Heavy Reading

A Light Reading Event

October 19: The Next Wave of 5G

The 5G ecosystem is flying. Commercial services are live in every major global region, end-user performance is fantastic, coverage is rapidly increasing, and an array of flagship and mid-tier devices are now on the market: The gigabit mobile era has arrived. This is only the start of the 5G era, however. There is much more to come in “Wave 2” for the consumer experience and for “beyond smartphone” IoT applications and machine communications. Day one of the Light Reading 5G Ecosystem Symposium focuses on the outlook for 5G technology services beyond 2020 with a dedicated session on advanced capabilities enabled by the release of new 3GPP standards. 

11:00 AM Session: 5G Market Status and Ecosystem Outlook

As 5G hits its stride, there is now a wealth of data, operating experience and customer feedback that helps us understand the technology in a market context. This generates confidence for the sector to double-down on its investment and commit to pushing ahead into the next phases of technology development, network deployment and service types. This opening session will present a state-of-the-market view of 5G and identify the key next steps including;

  • Network performance across low- mid- and high-band 5G
  • Subscriber uptake across major global regions
  • Consumer 5G service and device offers
  • 5G ecosystem maturity and
  • How the sector is positioned for the next phase of development

12.45 PM Session - The Next Wave of 5G

With new 5G standards recently completed, technology suppliers are on the verge of introducing new capabilities to their commercial product portfolios that enable advanced new services and enhance network capacity and performance. For operators, the challenge is to deploy these capabilities into commercial service at a pace that optimizes investment and tracks closely to device availability and customer demand. This session will investigate the importance of 3GPP Release 16 and how these capabilities will contribute to the next wave of 5G networks and services including;

  • Overview of Release 16 features and capabilities
  • Migration to 5G standalone and network slicing
  • The outlook for “beyond smartphone” 5G applications
  • Role of 5G in cyber-physical systems and machine
  • communications
  • A look ahead to Release 17

October 21: Private Mobile Networks

Private mobile networks provide opportunities for enterprises to redefine physical and digital operating processes in ways that are impractical to scale, or are impossible, within the limitations of wired and Wi-Fi networks. The ability to design mobile networks for the coverage, performance and security requirements of enterprise end-users can help radically improve productivity across sectors as diverse as hospitality and retail through to healthcare, primary industries, logistics and Industry 4.0. Day two of the Light Reading 5G Ecosystem Symposium focuses on Private  Mobile and investigates the most critical, and exciting, opportunities in this emerging sector.

11:00 AM Session: 5G Private Networks: Designed for Performance

5G offers unparalleled performance in mobile/wireless networks. There is now a comprehensive set of specifications emerging to make 5G suitable for a wide range of vertical use-cases and capable of ultra-reliable, low latency communications (URLLC). The defining feature of 5G over other mobile/wireless technologies is performance, which drives new design, optimization and monitoring criteria. 

Among the subject matter to be addressed in this symposium:

  • Overview of 3GPP support for private networks and URLLC
  • Work with industry verticals to capture and implement
  • performance requirements
  • Network architectures and deployment models
  • Timelines for technology and product availability
  • Performance monitoring and service assurance

12.45 PM Session: 5G for Enterprise Industrial Networks

The emergence of cyber-physical systems that integrate computing, networking and physical processes is one of the defining industrial advances of our age. 5G is designed to be a “connectivity fabric” for such systems. With the ability to support a wide range of performance profiles from low latency and ultra-reliability networking, through to “small data” IoT services, the technology is ideally suited to private mobile networks in the diverse industrial sector.

Among the subject matter to be addressed in this symposium:

  • Performance requirements of Industrial IoT (IIoT) applications
  • State-of-the-art in 5G technology for IIoT
  • Deployment strategies for private 5G wireless at industrial sites
  • Importance of Release 16 standards



“Light Reading is now one of my go-to resources for 5G industry news, webinars and research. The quality of the speakers and exposure at this LR breakfast to other professionals with complementary work in their respective fields/companies was excellent.”