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Find Your Voice: How Voice-Activated Technology Will Redefine Your Business

With the increasing adoption of AI voice assistants in the home, consumers have shown a desire for voice-based technologies

Our report focuses on the current landscape, future and monetisation of voice AI

The Future of User Experience

What is the future of the UX and how can it be utilized?

Explore the different areas of the next generation of user experience and how experts believe this will evolve.

Including interviews with industry experts from Google and Microsoft discussing how these major tech powerhouses are prioritizing building services, devices & platforms to enhance user experience.

Tech Monopolies Need Regulation Before Voice Assistants Take Over

After conducting numerous interviews with our UX experts, we've spoken with Joe Toscano, a UX designer and former Googler and here's a glimpse of what we've asked him in detail:

  • Discuss your experience and what you are currently working on
  • The difference is between good UX, great UX, and UX which keeps people coming back for more
  • How influential smart speakers such as Alexa and the HomePod will be to customer experience
  • Challenges faced by those designing and developing voice skills and on voice platforms

Medallia Case Study


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AI Will Change the User Experience Forever – School of UX Founder

Read our interview with School of UX, Founder, Sergei Golubev and his outlook on user experience, AI, and what's important when first creating an app.

Covered in this interview will be:

  • The extent the UI of an app crucial to user retention
  • How AI will affect the UX of an app
  • What extent is it important to research your audience to optimise UX
  • Importance to personalise UX
Don’t Do It for Me, Do It With Me: The New UX Opportunity

Michael Vladimer, Co-Founder of Orange Silicon Valley's IoT Studio discusses the impact on UX and the associated effect on the Internet of Things as UX is undergoing a shift, from users delighting in an experience to a device helping them with an experience.

We asked Michael:

  • Can brands maximize the new UX opportunity
  • The extent IoT is reliant on an engaging and immersive UX
  • Considering privacy as personalization as it becomes more on trend
The Age of the Connected Home Is Upon Us

Whether this be any combination of connected products, lights, TVs, kettles, security systems are now the normal in households, most of these traditional home systems are now also becoming smart and connected

Continue to read this article and we'll be covering topics, such as:

  • Targeted experiences with consumer data
  • Greater personalisation using AI
  • UX future for traditional brands