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Disruptive Technologies for Telcos and CSPs
8th-12th June 2020
Blue Fin BuildingLondon

8th-12th June 2020
Blue Fin Building,

Blockchain Prospects in Telecoms, IoT & Networking

Friday 12th June

part of Disruptive Technologies in Telco's & CSPs at London Tech Week

Workshop Modules

Can blockchain adoption make meaningful impacts on telecoms revenues, costs or operational effectiveness over the next few years? There are dozen s of distributed-ledger projects and initiatives already in play, and there is huge interest from all sectors of the telco, IoT and network vendor community. This training day will discuss not just the opportunities, but crucially also the state of adoption and pilots, the hows and whys behind applications, and the emerging telco blockchain landscape, all with a dose of realism to offset the hype.


Understanding blockchain, the technology and essential terminology

Use Cases

Understanding blockchain’s applications, uses, benefits and limitations in telecoms, IoT, networks and enterprise communications

Market Evaluation

Evaluating the blockchain landscape and ecosystem for potential solution, providers and partners


Delegate participation in roundtable discussions, knowledge-sharing and group role-plays on private/public blockchain use-cases


Building the business case or proposals for adoption of blockchain solutions on realistic timescales

Learning Outcomes

Attend this focused one-day workshop to be able to:

Gain a detailed understanding of blockchains and distributed ledger technologies (DLTs)

Distinguish between public and private use-cases of blockchain

Discover the state of blockchain’s application inside telcos, networks and IoT

Evaluate the fit of decentralised systems with 5G, Wi-Fi, billing systems, NFV, enterprise networks, IoT connectivity and more

Understand where, why and how blockchain-enablement offers customer-facing opportunity and revenue potential for telcos and networks

Discuss the emerging blockchain service, product, vendor and open-source landscape of offerings relevant to telcos, IoT and networking

Understand the broader context for blockchain, such as; regulation

Appreciate the commercial benefits and opportunities of early pilots, collaborations or full deployments of blockchain offering