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East Africa Com
10 - 11 May 2022
Virtual Event

10 - 11 May 2022
Virtual Event

Connectivity Champion Award 2021

Voting is now open for the East Africa Com Connectivity Champion Award 2021


For 10 years+ Beem has been empowering businesses in Africa. Beem began as an SMS advertising platform that connected individuals and students to offers from businesses. Beem is a leading mobile services technology platform helping enterprises drive growth and commerce in Africa into the coming decades. From humble roots in Tanzania, Beem has grown to become an omnichannel solution with a wide Pan-African and growing global Influence, delivering a unified, seamless experience. Beem has been able to grow and thrive on the African continent with no external funding.
 Beem envisions an Africa powered by enterprises, empowered through technology. In the coming decades, Africa's growth and commerce will be driven by mobile technology in enterprises. Beem has created an integrated communications & financial services platform with the largest mobile network reach in Africa, empowering enterprises to scale quickly and effectively throughout the African continent.
To drive commercial growth for customers, Beem offers advanced SMS messaging, USSD, Airtime, Chatbot, Mobile Money & Airtime solutions through easy-to-integrate APIs as well as a self-service web portal.

Liquid intelligent technologies - Sudan's first fibre network

The President of South Sudan said our fibre network "is a landmark step in the delivery of affordable communications access to the people of South Sudan, the business community, government + civil society. This important infrastructure development will help improve social mobility, enable economic diversification + drive inclusive private sector-led growth and productive employment."


Spacecom has set an ambitious connectivity goal, to enable nations in Africa with connectivity, so that every person in Africa will be able to enjoy quality Internet connectivity and digital government services in their own community.

The Global Communication Provider Spacecom is the owner & operator of the Advanced Global Satellite Fleet – AMOS, including its recent addition: AMOS-17, the most advanced and powerful satellite serving Africa. To fulfill this ambitious goal the company is developing and rolling out new Digital Platforms and services for Nationwide Connectivity & Off-Grid Communities.


Pushing forward to fulfill our ambitious goals, Spacecom achieved already 3 major milestones:

1 - Amos-17 satellite

A new satellite. Amos-17, Africa’s most powerful & advanced satellite, entering service late 2019. The top-notch technology embedded in the Amos-17, allows Spacecom to dramatically increase its throughput over Africa, providing amazing efficiencies and superb performance, all year long and in any weather. The Amos-17 uniqueness enables the most cost effective formula resulting with lower costs and improved service, and new revolutionizing services are rolled out.

2 - NationSat

A state of the art and cost effective “Virtual National Satellite” for African nations. For the first time, “NationSat” allows governments to provide 100% high quality internet and connectivity coverage throughout their nations. “NationSat” provides simple and rapid deployment, operation flexibility and scalability.

3 - DCP - Digital Community Platform

An autonomous and self-sufficient digital community platform providing high quality connectivity and applications for health, education, agriculture, employment, government services and more. The DCP resides within the community with highly efficient local cloud infrastructure providing: management, caching & storage for performance boost, great user experience and cost optimization. From Wi-Fi internet distribution to advanced content and services as health, education, agriculture, employment all the way to enabling government services. Already tested in Africa, the “DCP” reshapes African community’s digital future. 

Workonline Communications, Wholesale IP Transit

Workonline Communications goes above and beyond on skills capacity training for the industry, whilst its core business is selling wholesale IP Transit. Our experts are not afraid to share their brainpower and experience at industry gatherings and events. Whether it's a five-day hands-on training hackathon on BGP routing, or an informal Network Operator Group (NOG) meeting to discuss IPv6, the Workonline team is willing, able and present to help lead the development of Africa's Internet Ecosystem. In East Africa, Workonline established a Beers4Engineers initiative to encourage greater collaborative learning among network engineers. Furthermore we support WomenTechConnect, various Network Operator Groups and discussion fora.