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East Africa Com
10 - 11 May 2022
Virtual Event

10 - 11 May 2022
Virtual Event

Most Innovative Product or Service Award

Voting is now open for the East Africa Com Most Innovative Product or Service Award 2021


Afriwise's innovative solution is breaking new ground in the delivery of legal services in East Africa.

Afriwise is an online legal solution that transforms legal texts into practical legal guidance in a comparable and uniform manner. Afriwise works together with top law firms, across East Africa in order to help businesses understand and easily meet their legal and regulatory obligations when operating in, or expanding to, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda, Mozambique and soon also Ethiopia. Recently described by the industry-leading media platform Law.com as a “fast growing enterprise”, no such tool has ever been available to organisations operating in many countries, including in East Africa.

Afriwise launched at the end of 2018 to address the poor availability of up-to-date and quality legal information across Africa. Today, if an organisation wishes to find out if a restraint of trade can be enforced in Kenya, or what data protection requirements apply in Uganda, it can simply log on to the Afriwise platform and instantly find the answer and all information pertinent to this topic. Crucially, the legal content is constantly being reviewed and updated on a purpose-built online user interface. The platform offers legal-monitoring tools, an underlying service for clarification requests and direct access to top in-country legal experts.

The platform has been heralded for not only stimulating business for East African law firms, allowing them to generate profits in new ways, but also for its contributions to the ease of doing business more generally. Through facilitating business processes, it is indirectly promoting investment in East Africa.

Afriwise is used by multiple international firms such as Bolloré, IBM, Deloitte, Barloworld, Vodafone, Roche, DHL, General Electric and MTN, and many others have adopted the solution to streamline their business operations.  

DCP - Digital Community Platform by Spacecom

Spacecom’s Digital Community Platform (DCP) is a giant step forward, for providing every person in Africa with quality Internet connectivity as well as digital government services, in their own community. 

The DCP is an advanced, scalable, affordable, sustainable and flexible digital community platform harvesting the high performance of AMOS-17 for the benefit of local communities. Combined with smart local ICT infrastructure e.g. cloud, cache, storage, Wi-Fi and solar energy. As cloud services rely on broadband internet access and stable electricity, Affordable “always-on connectivity” is at the core of the Digital Community Platform.

The DCP manages a variety of native and third-party applications, through secure, remote access, enabling the service owners to safely access and manage their applications e.g. medical records or student progress.

To maximize the efficiency of local and remote resources while keeping down the operational costs, the DCP is using AMOS-17 powerful multicast capability to achieve a major reduction in satellite operational cost, while maintaining high-quality of service at all times.

The DCP changes the way off-grid communities can be reached and connected to the internet and the national network. It is efficient, reliable, scalable and flexible. As far as Africa is concerned, it’s time to delete the term “off-grid community” from the dictionary.

Evina DCBprotect

Evina DCBprotect is the most positively disruptive cybersecurity solution for mobile payments that allows MNOs, merchants, and payment gateways all over the world to fend off fraudsters and explore new markets.

With the protection of Evina, major players the world over have eliminated fraud and have been able to grow their businesses by:

- Unlocking more efficient payment flows

- Accessing more profitable traffic sources

- Enabling mutually beneficial partnerships.

The Evina DCBprotect solution effectively blocks fraud on carrier billing and maximizes the number of legitimate transactions while increasing revenue. It does this by leveraging the power of carrier billing to its fullest potential: 99.94% of fraudulent transactions detected, 0.06% false positive rate and <100ms latency.

Our solution is unique in that it benefits all players in the market: mobile carriers increase their revenue while lowering their complaint rates, and service providers boost their turnover thanks to new business opportunities and establish a strong relationship with MNOs based on trust. Trust is also restored for end users using digital payment solutions.

Evina increases revenue by dealing with fraud the right way in more than 60 countries, including numerous countries in Africa and involving tens of millions of transactions daily.

Evina has dedicated more than 15 years to develop the most advanced cybersecurity technology for mobile payments with comprehensive fraud sensors and the richest data captured through a dedicated global mobile honeypot network across more than 70 countries. In addition, the Cyber Threat Intelligence analyzes threats coming from all sources, including the dark web, and the machine learning is continuously fed with over 16 million transactions analyzed every day.

Global Voice Group - M3

Our M3 promotes a collaborative vision where all stakeholders, the authorities and the industry, are on par in terms of technological means, to fully assume their respective responsibilities to promote a safe, inclusive and compliant Mobile Money (MM) ecosystem. It is the very first tool ever to successfully address this common goal.

Not surprisingly, the solution has been first implemented in East Africa, the region of the world with the greatest concentration of MM services and users. From 2013 to present, it allowed the telecom and financial authorities of Africa to verify the safety and compliance of more than 26 billion transactions in Tanzania, Rwanda, Uganda, Ghana and Congo-Brazzaville. For these countries, this represented digital money flows amounting to more than 456 billion US that the M3 enabled to better understand, analyse and regulate.

More importantly, the M3 automates and streamlines the fight against money laundering, which represents a growing issue for emerging countries that strive to maintain the integrity of their MM ecosystem while minimizing the negative impact of de-risking on costs and availability. Using machine learning and business intelligence, the solution enables financial intelligence units to be at the top of their game when it comes to detect and neutralize money laundering and other MM-related crimes and abuses.

The solution also provides means to verify the compliance with Know-Your-Customer standards as well as the interoperability of all MM services, which could have an impact on financial inclusion. Indeed, before the M3, MM reporting and oversight was done in the old-fashion way, through paper-based methods and out-dated reports. The greatest innovation brought by the M3 consisted in digitalizing the oversight of something that was already digitized: MM transactions.

Liquid Intelligent Technologies

Agriculture is instrumental to African economies and society - and technology is key in increasing productivity.

Liquid Intelligent Technologies partnered with Twiga Foods to rollout precision farming techniques enabled by IoT in Kenya.

Our IoT network enables real-time measurement of soil moisture, temperature, borehole water levels, water acidity and salinity so farmers can adjust irrigation and fertilisation.

The results: 30% less water used; crop yields up 25%; Manhours halved.

This initiative should win as it provides a blueprint for farmers across Africa who need to increase crop yields - and reduce the use of water.

We are enabling precision agriculture through IoT solutions.