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The Latest News And Insights From Connecting Africa

African Fintech Startups Rake in $107M in 2019
African Fintech Startups Rake in $107M in 2019

Africa's fintech sector was the most popular among investors in 2019 with 77 African fintech startups raising a combined US$107 million during the year. This is according to the annual African Tech Startups Funding Report 2019 released by startup news and research portal Disrupt Africa.

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MTN & ZTE Trial 5G in Uganda
MTN & ZTE Trial 5G in Uganda

MTN and ZTE showcased the 5G network proof-of-concept trial and demonstrated 5G use cases at an event in Kampala, Uganda. The four-day event featured a range of 5G application use cases including a demonstration of speed without fiber connectivity; cloud virtual reality experiences like self-driving cars; and a bionic robot showcase.

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Airtel-Telkom Merger Approved by Kenya's Competition Watchdog
Airtel-Telkom Merger Approved by Kenya's Competition Watchdog

Kenyan mobile operators Airtel and Telkom have taken an important step closer to their planned merger following the approval of the deal by the Competition Authority of Kenya (CAK). But the CAK's approval is conditional: The Authority has directed the operators that they cannot sell assets such as spectrum and operating licenses within five years of the closing of the deal, according to a Business Daily report.

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The Rise of East Africa's Digital Markets

Few markets embody the state of Digital Africa as well as East Africa. It’s a region of singular innovation and unique achievements which have reverberated across Africa and the world.

Access this free report to learn more about how the East Africa market has evolved as a result of transforming connectivity, digital infrastructure, and expanding financial inclusion.

Building Africa's 4IR Infrastructure

Etzerson Philitas, Senior Investment Officer, Africa50 discusses what Africa needs to be able to take full advantage of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Inspiring African Women in Tech

AfricaCom TV interviews Elisabeth Medou Badang, SVP Africa & Indian Ocean, Orange on the power of women in tech.