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MediaTek Inc.


MediaTek is a global fabless semiconductor company that enables more than 1.5 billion consumer products a year. The company is a market leader in developing tightly-integrated, power-efficient systems-on-chip (SoCs) for mobile devices, home entertainment products (including smart TVs, voice-assistant devices and smart speakers), networking and connectivity products, connected cars and other IoT and Rich IoT devices.                                                             

MediaTek is the leading company by unit volume in several segments, including digital television, optical storage, DVD/BR/CD player, feature phones and tablets. MediaTek is the second largest provider in unit volume for smartphones and tablets, specializing in solutions for the mid-market that offer advanced features at an affordable price. The company is also the third largest company delivering solutions for Wi-Fi gateways/routers.

MediaTek has also pioneered innovative solutions for the next generation of connectivity, unveiling cutting-edge solutions for 5G and narrow band Internet of Things (NB-IoT).