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Digital Council Africa


Established in 2010 the Digital Council is an independent, not-for-profit organisation.

Our primary mission is to foster inclusive dialogue among stakeholders to unlock the full potential of digital infrastructure technologies, with a keen focus on promoting equality, inclusivity, well-being, and digital adoption.

We actively support governments by offering expertise in policy development, regulation, best practices, and minimum standards. At our core, we value independent voices and encourage member engagement through participation in various events and collaborative working groups. By providing a platform for networking and discussions on best practices, we address complex challenges through dialogue and the adoption of effective policies.

Our commitment extends to facilitating impartial dialogue between government and the private sector, serving as a product-neutral bridge for these essential conversations. We also champion the widespread investment in digital skills by all stakeholders, with a vision to enhance the lives of every individual across the African continent.

The Digital Council Africa firmly believes that advancing digital access will elevate the quality of life for citizens in South Africa and throughout Africa. By providing African nations with a robust digital footprint, we aim to enhance their effectiveness and competitiveness on the global stage. Our charter is to educate African governments, policymakers, and political leaders on the pressing technology and data issues facing the continent. Additionally, we work tirelessly to develop innovative methods for the delivery of digital connectivity and services to citizens in the years to come.

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