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Future of Work Summit 2023
12 - 16 June 2023
The Queen Elizabeth II CentreLondon

Hilary Sutcliffe
Director at SocietyInside


Hilary runs London-based not-for-profit SocietyInside. The name is a riff on the famous brand ‘IntelInside’ and its focus is the desire that innovation should have the needs and values of people and planet at its heart - not simply the making of money or scientific kudos.

She explores the issues of trust, ethics, values and governance of technology (AI, synthetic biology and gene editing, nanotech and neurotech among others.) through collaborative research, exploring trustworthy process design, public speaking, online training, coaching, mentoring and acting as a critical friend to organisations of all types.

She is director of the TIGTech initiative which explores trustworthiness and trust in the governance of technology, was previously co-chair of the World Economic Forum Global Future Council on Values, Ethics & Innovation and member of its Agile Governance Council. She works on initiatives relating to the collaborative governance design of neurotech, nanotech, synthetic biology and gene editing. Hilary is on the advisory board of the Carnegie Council on AI and Equality (which focuses on governance) and was recently named one of the 100 Brilliant Women in AI Ethics for 2021

Contact her at hilary@societyinside.com on Twitter @hilarysutcliffe or LinkedIn @HilarySutcliffe

For more information see www.societyinside.com or SocietyInside YouTube channel