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Paul Chaplin
Head of New Incubations and Startup Investment Europe at Konica Minolta


Paul has worked in the IT and telecommunications business for over 30 years. Until moving to Konica Minolta, Paul was involved in the market research and analysis profession covering retail, SMEs, European financial services, business consulting and IT services. It was at IBM that he came across the term “innovation” as a way to build value into existing client contracts and decided to pursue this as a career by joining the Tokyo-headquartered technology firm Konica Minolta. In the past 5 years, he’s been involved in startup networks, equity and loan management, incubation management and client co-innovation projects. It was in this role that Paul became fascinated by the acres of academic publications on working environments which seemed barely recognised by business. With a longer term goal of developing a science around workplace, Paul will share some early thoughts on how to build new digital services which are relevant to people working in physical locations. 

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