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Future of Work's Virtual Experience

A virtual event with a difference!

Virtual Event Features

On-Demand Content
On-Demand Content

Continue your lead generation post event: your sessions, products/ services collateral and thought leadership expertise will be promoted across all channels and available on demand 30 days after the event.

Create and repurpose your content
Create and repurpose your content

Utilise your recorded presentations in content marketing campaigns, re-purposing snippets to share your message across digital channels.

Industry Leading Technology Solutions
Industry Leading Technology Solutions

Our bespoke built interactive, virtual event platform gives you access across the whole of London Tech Week, allowing you to engage with some of the most influential companies in the tech ecosystem. 

Powered by A.I.
Powered by A.I.

Sourcing the right lead has never been easier. Our A.I. powered platform will match you with the right attendees based on your profile. The virtual event facilitates unique buyer-seller connections providing a tailored experience for buyers and supporting you in growing your quality lead generation.

Enhanced Analytics
Enhanced Analytics

Scanning badges and collecting business cards can be tedious. Receive live data on your prospects at a click of a button. Real time engagement metrics will help you to make connections during the event and to nurture your leads afterwards.

Insightful content
Insightful content

From wherever you are in the world, take part in virtual conference to inspire and engage the tech community. Our platform allows you to interact and engage with our audience through live Q&A and polling. In addition, attendees can catch up with sessions on demand, at a time best suited to them, giving your business more exposure than ever before and the opportunity to reuse the content for your own purposes.

Lead Generation

With early access to the event platform, you can generate leads before the event even begins – searching attendees by industry, company, job title and interest. During the event attendees will be given dedicated time to explore the exhibition and engage with virtual booths, and your sales team can run product demos and hold meetings from anywhere in the world.

Virtual Meetings

Arrange virtual meetings by searching for your target contacts or by the products attendees are interested in and quickly set up meetings with prospects online at that time. Personalise your outreach to clients and prospects with the ability to view their social media profiles, your mutual connections and the sessions they are attending. Receive inbound meeting requests from attendees searching for both your company and individual colleagues to make connections.

  1. Reminder notifications
  2. Launch video calls
  3. Redirection to sponsor profiles
  4. Share documents
  5. Add notes, ratings, tags and export leads

AI Powered Networking

Our AI powered platform will match you with the right attendees and create a tailored networking experience for both sellers and buyers.

  1. AI recommended people to meet
  2. See who's online
  3. Advanced filters
  4. Chat with anyone
  5. Book virtual meetings

Product Galleries

Display your range of products and services with product sheets, video demos, case studies and other sales collateral to engage with attendees actively looking for solutions and drive inbound leads.

  1. Suggested products to buy
  2. Advanced filters
  3. Multiple product categories
  4. Save favourite products

Lead Scoring & ROI

Rank your leads, assigning a value based on information gathered during meetings or via the exhibitor analytics dashboard, tag products or services that you would like to sell and add your notes to
opportunities to download and upload to your CRM. This new feature facilitates targeted follow up to drive conversions.

  1. Volume of leads by rating
  2. Lead source tracking