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What is the future of work?

The term ‘Future of Work’ is increasingly used to encapsulate the shift towards a modernised workplace, but what does it mean?

Is it about tech to personalise the employee experience? Is it about bringing analytics to the workplace? How organisations will be shaped moving forward? The Gig Economy? Diversity and inclusion? This summit will drill down into the different aspects of the future of work to paint a holistic picture of how to futureproof in order to thrive, and how to ensure your workforce is the right workforce organised at the right model to maximise impact.

Did you know?

of business leaders said they have plans to create individualised employee experiences comparable to consumer experiences (Accenture)
think technology will improve their job prospects in the future (PWC)
of children now entering primary school will hold jobs that currently don’t exist (World Economic Forum)


If you are responsible for people strategy, organisational development, workplace tech implementation, or have the potential to influence change in the workplace this event is for you.

- Organisational Development
- Strategic Planning
- Workforce Management
- Talent Acquisition and Management
- Human Resources
- HR Tech
- HR Analytics
- Employee Experience
- People Development
- Company Culture
- Employee Development
- Incentives Programs
- Training Initiatives
- Talent Science
- Strategic Workforce Planning
- Workplace Experience
- Learning and Organizational Effectiveness
- People Operations
- Team Growth


The conference program will aim to answer your burning questions associated with three core themes:

  • Technologies to improve and enhance the workplace
  • Identifying where to invest in workforce tech, and when
  • Big Data, enhanced analytics and AI
  • Creating and owning a workforce tech strategy roadmap
  • Shifting employee expectations
  • Delivering data-driven personalised employee experiences
  • The ethics of data
  • Maintaining the human factor
Organisational Design
  • Long term strategic workforce planning
  • Identifying future skills gaps
  • Planning for tomorrow without neglecting today
  • Aligning people strategy with business strategy